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Omniverse has many servers combined into its one network. The primary Towny servers of the network include Sol, Polaris, Sirius, Vega, Altair and Omniverse. There are also other servers on our network such as Genesis, our public creative server. Our minigame server Trident where you can play server-custom games. The Casino where you can bet money on slots and use Voting Points to get rare rewards to carry to the Towny PvE servers. The Shop server where you can buy and sell items in a public market. The Factions server where you can create a faction and fight other factions. The Wastelands and Bloodlands where you can collect resources and PvP in the Bloodlands. The Lobby server where you can go through portals to get to our PvE servers, Genesis, Trident, and Factions, not including Omniverse.
Please note that Omniverse is its own server (and our networks name), it doesn't use the same Shop, Casino, or Wastelands server as the other PvE servers do. For more see Omniverse.

Towny Servers

PvE (Player versus Environment) is the primary game type of our network. There are 6 Towny PvE servers on Omniverse, which include Sol, Polaris, Sirius, Vega, Altair, and Omniverse. On each of these servers you may join a town or create a town on a server. Collect resources in the Wastelands to build your town, climb up in the economy, create or join a Nations, or participate in optional PvP. All of our world seeds are unique to each server, so each server has its own unique terrain. For more on the worlds on our network, see Worlds.

Home Servers

When creating a town or becoming the mayor of a town your home server is automatically set to the server you are mayor on. There are also other times you will need to set your home server to a specific server, such as when being promoted to Deputy Mayor and when being given the Mayor rank by the current mayor. To see the permissions given for each town rank see the Towny Commands page.

Home Server Commands

Note that 'hs' is interchangable with 'homeserver'

Shows your current homeserver
/gohome or /gh
Sends you to your current homeserver.
/hs set [server]
Sets your home server to the respected chosen server.

Note that there is a 24-hour cooldown between switching home servers.


Sol is the very first server created on Omniverse. Sol (previously 'Monuments and Mayhem' and after OMM released, 'Classic') launched in August 2012 as the primary server for Monuments and Mayhem, and accordingly it has some of the oldest builds on the network. Sol has the most worlds of all other servers, including Eden, Elysium, Antara, Antara Nether, Kyvos, and Duality.
Sol's Server Dynmap

Eden and Elysium

Both Eden and Elysium were brought when the "Old World" had split. The Old World has existed since the birth of the server and has expanded in many directions since then. Instead of replacing the original map the world was split into two worlds to preserve its history and the split also brought more settlement room for the two worlds. The old nether is accessible by using a nether portal in the Eden or Elysium worlds.

Antara and Antara Nether

The Antara and Antara Nether worlds were added in late 2013 to Monuments and Mayhem. This allowed expansion of settlement room as well as utilized the new biomes released in 1.7. The Antara Nether is accessible by using a Nether portal in the Antara world.


Kyvos was added to Monuments and Mayhem after Antara and the Antara Nether was released. The Kyvos world was made as a new world for expansion of settlements.


Duality was added after the release of Polaris and Sirius. This world was made to utilize the new 1.8 biomes, allowing towns to expand to all available biomes.

Polaris and Sirius

Polaris and Sirius were released in August 2014 and utilized many new mechanics and plugins OMM (Octagami's Mayhem Multiverse) brought. Polaris and Sirius started off with one world just as Sol did.
Polaris' Server Dynmap Sirius' Server Dynmap


This is the first world added to Polaris and Sirius. Many players started here after the release of OMM. Prime utilizes 1.7 biome generation.


Duality was added shortly after OMM was released. The world addition coincided OMM's update to 1.8.

Altair and Vega

Altair and Vega were added in June 2015 alongside the Global Economy changes. Both Altair and Vega have two PvE settlement worlds.
Altair's Server Dynmap Vega's Server Dynmap


Prime was released on both Altair and Vega when they were launched. The biomes in Prime utilize 1.8.7 biome generation.


Duality is the newest settlement server added onto Altair and Vega. The server was created to allow players to further expand their settlements.


Omniverse is a server added on January 1, 2017. Omniverse is extremely different compared to Sol, Polaris, Sirius, Altair, and Vega, as it brought many nerfs that contrasted it from the other servers. Omniverse is its own separate server as it doesn't have the same Shop, Wastelands, or Casino server as the aforementioned servers. Money and items from other servers can not be transferred to Omniverse. The purpose of Omniverse is to provide a more difficult PvE experience compared to the other Towny servers. Omniverse currently has Prime and its own Wastelands world.

To get to Omniverse use /omniverse.


Prime was added to Omniverse beyond its release. Prime utilizes 1.11 biome generation.


The Wastelands is a resource world that uses the latest world generation. In the Wastelands you may collect and keep what you wish. The Omniverse Wastelands has a different system compared to the wastelands server. To use get to the wastelands on Omniverse use /warp wl and use one of the warp signs, or you can simply use /warp (direction) to get the the directional spawn (i.e /warp south, /warp northeast, /warp west, etc.). The Wastelands does not reset on a consistent date, but it is reset when the owners are available to do so. No other staff team has the permission to reset the Wastelands world.

Other Servers

There are many other servers available on the network. These servers can vary in subject, as there are servers for things like minigames to a casino where you can bet your money and get rewards.


Trident is the server used for minigames and arena games. To get to Trident you can use the command /Trident. Trident offers many types of minigames that aren't connected to our PvE servers. Some examples of games include Paintball, Hide and Seek, Infection, and Hunger Games. For more information on Trident's many arenas and games please see Trident.


Genesis is the server used for build contests and personal creative building. Genesis is not a survival server, it is a creative server where you may build on your personally owned plot. To get to a warp on the server use /warp (warp name) and use /warp for a list of warps on the server. Take note that all server rules apply to anything built on Genesis.

Plotme Commands

To build on Genesis you must find a 2x2 plot (64x64 blocks per plot compared to Towny's 16x16 per plot) in one of the build worlds available. Note that if you have been inactive for ~4 weeks and little to nothing is built on it the plot may be removed.
You must be standing in a plot for you to claim it. You may only claim ONE plot per world.

All Plotme Commands

  • /plotme claim or /plot claim or /plot buy
Claims the plot you are standing on.
  • /plotme auto [World] or /plot auto
Claims the next available plot.
  • /plotme home[:#] [World]
Teleports you to your plot if you own more than one plot.
  • /plotme info or /plot info
Shows info on the plot you are currently standing on.
  • /plotme list or /plot list unowned
Lists all available plots you can build on.
  • /plotme biome <biome> or /plot biome <biome>
Sets the plot to the specified biome.
  • /plotme biomes
Lists all biomes.
  • /plotme done or /plot done
Toggles the plot done or not done.
  • /plotme clear or /plot clear
Clears the plot you are currently standing on to its original state.
  • /plotme dispose or /plot delete
Unclaims the plot but does not clear it.
  • /plotme add <Player> or /plot trust <Player> or /plot add <Player>
Allows the specified player to have the same permissions over the plot.
/plot add <Player> only allows the player to build while the owner is online.
  • /plotme remove <Player>
Removes all permissions from the specified player over the plot.
  • /plotme deny <Player> or /plot deny
prevents a specified player from moving onto your plot.
  • /plotme undeny <Player>
Allows a specified previously denied player to move onto your plot.
  • /plot visit [player|alias|world|ID]
Warps you to the specified players plot.
  • /plot set [Biome|Home] [Value]
Set your plots biome, or spawnpoint.
  • /plot remove (player) or /plot kick (player)
Removes the specified player from your plot.
  • /plot list [forsale|mine|shared|world|top|all|unowned|unknown|player|world|done]
Lists plots within the selected category.
  • /plot chat [on/off]
Sets Plot Chat to your default chat on Genesis. This channel is local to the server.
  • /plot continue
Set the plots status as not done.
  • /plot middle
Warps you to the middle of the plot.
  • /plot help
Shows the list of plot commands.


The Shop server is the shop for all 5 PvE servers (Sol, Polaris, Sirius, Altair, and Vega) where people may buy and sell items through Chest Shop. To set a Chest Shop up place a chest in one of the slots in the buy or sell aisle and put a sign up above it. You may leave the first line blank (or type your username in if you wish), on the second line put the quantity you are buying or selling, on the third put B <price> or S <price>, and on the fourth put the item's ID or simply put the item in the first slot of the chest and put a "?" on the sign. For more on Chest Shops see our Chest Shops page.
To get to the shop use the command /shop and to get to the shop’s spawn, /shoplobby.


At the casino players can gamble on slot machines using their balance or voting points. The casino has many different types of slots available for use including balance categorized slots and rewards slots. To use a slot simply right-click the lever. Most slot machines take money from your /balance so make sure you are willing to bet the amount according to your balance. The price of the slot will be above the group, to change the price right click the left button for the lower price and the right for the higher price. There are also slots where you may vote your rewards points to earn items from the /rewards menu or other exclusive rewards available at the time. For more information on the casino see the Casino page.
To get to the casino use the command /casino.

Wastelands and Bloodlands

The Wastelands is the resource server for players on Sol, Polaris, Sirius, Altair, and Vega, opposed to one wastelands world per PvE server. Anything found here can be destroyed or created and everything earned here will transfer to the previous named Towny servers. The Bloodlands is an open PvP world similar to the wastelands (keep inventory is on and you do not lose XP to PvP deaths). Please take note that nothing on the wastelands world is kept, meaning griefing is allowed and anything else built will be removed. To get to the Wastelands use /wastelands, and to get to the Bloodlands use /wastelands and then /warp bl.


The Factions server allows you to create a faction and fight other factions to gain resources. Factions is completely separate from all of the other servers, meaning nothing can be transferred to the factions server. For more please see Factions.