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Ranks allow players to earn special perks the longer they play on the server. Ranks are now cross server, meaning your rank will stay the same between any OMM server you are on. These servers include: Sol, Sirius, Polaris, Altair, Vega, Genesis, and Trident.

How to Obtain Ranks

To rank up on all OMM servers you need LP (Loyalty Points). LP are a measurement of your playtime on the server. You gain these points at a rate at 1 LP per every 5 minutes of playtime. You can also get bonus LP by voting. (To do this, you simply pull up the /rewards menu in-game and choose "Bonus LP".) LP is shared between all OMM servers and you gain LP for being on any of our network servers. You can use the command /lp can be used to check your current Loyalty Point balance, and /playtime to check your playtime in actual time. You automatically rank up when you have enough LP to do so. Each rank gives you new, and unique perks. For example at 3,000LP you are awarded the "Skylander" rank, this rank gives you the ability to fly.

Player Ranks

Below are the amount of LP and playtime necessary to attain each rank:

Rank Chat tag Hours required Homes Other Benefits
New [New] 0h (0lp) 3 Normal Gameplay
Traveler [Traveler] 4.2h (50lp) 5 /mail, /workbench, Lava use
Settler [Settler] 8.3h (100lp) 10 /disposal
Citizen [Citizen] 20.8hr (250lp) 15 /enderchest
Netherwalker [Nether] 41.6h (500lp) 20 Fire Resist
Enderkin [Ender] 83.3h (1000lp) 25 /speed & /buff
Farlander [Farlander] 125h (1500lp) 30 /leap & access to the Farlands
Skylander [Skylander] 250h (3000lp) 35 /fly & access to the Skylands
Aetherseeker [Aether] 375h (4500lp) 40 /zoom
Witherweaver [Wither] 500h (6000lp) 45 Night Vision (/vision)
Voidwalker [Voidwalker] 1000h (12000lp) 50 /back & Invisiblitity (/invis)

Setting Homes

Home locations can be set using the command /sethome followed by the name you wish to give the location. This allows you to teleport back to the saved location using the command /home and then the name you have given it. To delete a sethome you can do /delhome (name). This is a very useful tool for quickly traveling back and forth to places that you wish to go to across the servers. The number of homes that you can have at a given time are listed above and are dependent upon your player's rank.

In addition to warping to homes that you have set on your main server, the /sethome system also works globally. You can instantly warp to homes set on the other servers as well, making it a very convenient means of travel across the servers. You will have issues setting a warp point in a town that is set to private. If trying to set a warp in a friend's town you might have them do /t public first.

Please be aware however that you should not set homes where people do not wish for you to have them (i.e. their house).

Death Penalty

Death Penalty is one of the many custom plugins on OMM. Items are not lost upon death, instead this plugin will deduct a certain amount of vanilla XP from a player every time they die, the amount deducted increases as the player ranks up.

2.0 Rank %XP Lost
New 5%
Traveler 10%
Settler 15%
Citizen 20%
Nether 20%
Enderkin+ 25%

Staff Only Ranks

Main Article: Staff
Rank Role In-game rank
Guide Assist player base, help with player's problems, and are always open for questions by those who are confused. [Guide]
Lead Guide Team coordinators for Guide Team [LGuide]
Moderator Monitor for client hacks and exploits, and enforce rules [Mod]
Lead Moderator Team coordinators for Moderator Team. [LMod]
Architect Works on server builds and events. [Architect]
Lead Architect Project coordinators for Architect Team. [LArchitect]
Promoter Advertises the server and create helpful forms of media for the players. [Promoter]
Lead Promoter Team coordinatiors for the Promoter Team. [LPromoter]
Developer Creates plugin features and fixes bugs. [Dev]
Lead Developer Team coordinators for the Developer Team. [LDev]
Staff Lead Coordinates all Staff and Staff Team activities. [LeadStaff]
Creator Original creators of the server. Are in charge of development and run the server. [Creator]

Note: To apply for a staff position, post an application on the Staff Application sub-forums.