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McMMO offers a cooperative system for players to work and communicate as a group called Parties.

Party Functions

There are many useful features attached to the party system. Party members cannot harm each other in PvP combat, can teleport to one another without needing permission, and have their own dedicated chat channel.

Party Information List


Leveling a Party

To unlock certain party features, you must level up a party by earning McMMO experience in McMMO Skills.

Feature Level
Party Chat 1
Party Teleport 2
Party Alliances 5
Item Share 8
Experience Share 10

Party Commands

Gives information about your current party.
/party ?
Gives available party commands.
/p [Message]
Toggles Party Chat. If a message is entered, sends a party chat message.
/party join [Name] [Password]
Joins a player's party. Enter the password after the party name if it is required.
/party quit
Leaves your current party.
/party password [Password]
Sets a password for your party.
/party kick [Player]
Kicks a player from your party.
/party leader [Player]
Transfers ownership to the specified player.
/party disband
Disbands your party.
/party itemshare
Shares McMMO levels with party members.
Note: Item Share will share dropped items.
/party xpshare
Shares experience with party members.
Note: XP Share will take away experience from your earned experience
/party ally invite [Player]
Provides the no pvp perk to another party.
Note: Being in a party enables a no pvp perk between your party members.