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Monster Hunter is one of twenty jobs available to players. They are specialists of killing and capturing the monsters that go bump in the night.

Income and Experience

Monster Hunters gain money and experience from killing overworld and nether monsters that spawn naturally. Use /J info MonsterHunter In-Game for more information. (Note: You gain 50% money/exp for killing monsters from spawners, natural or placed).

As of the most recent update, Legendary and Heroic mobs despawn 10 minutes after killing the player who begins to fight them.

Note that you will only gain credit for the job in the Wastelands. Also, as of the most recent update, Iron Golems and Zombie Pigmen will drop nuggets instead of ingots.

Unique Abilities


(Level 10+) Monster Hunters can track different animals, mobs, and players using the /track command. Using /track will search in a horizontal radius of 100 blocks with a vertical check of +/-32 blocks. Using /track stop will stop tracking.

Level Unlocks
10 Normal/Strong mobs, Zombie, Skeleton, Creeper, Spider
20 Heroic mobs, Cave Spider, Enderman, Slime, Witch, Silverfish, Pig Zombie, Magma Cube
30 Legendary mobs, Villager, Iron Golem, Snowman, Giant, Blaze, Ghast

Monster Capture

(Level 20+) Monster Hunter is able to capture monsters into that mob's spawn egg by right-clicking a containment egg. Different containment eggs require a certain level of Monster Hunter to be crafted:

Monster Hunter Level Type Recipe
20 Diamond - Captures Monsters Diamond + Egg
30 Dragonscale - Captures Strong Monsters 1 Dragon Egg surrounded by 8 Leather
40 Diamondscale - Captures Heroic Monsters 1 Dragon Egg surrounded by 8 Diamonds


Job Bags

Monster Hunters are able to craft 3 sizes of their respective job bag, which holds monster heads and loot. For an exact whitelist, level requirements, and recipes, visit Job Bags.

Advanced Jobs

Advanced Job Upgrade Description
Dragon Slayer $ for killing the ender dragon
Exorcist x2 $ for zombies and skeletons, x3 $ for fire
Exterminator x2 $ for insects, x3 $ for fire
Paladin +50% $ for humanoid monsters (Zombie Pigman)
Revolutionary x4 $ for killing creepers, $ for crafting TNT