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McMMO is a plugin used on all OMM Towny servers that allows for an MMORPG style experience in Minecraft. The primary function of McMMO is to add skills and abilities that can be leveled up. There are many skills added to the game as a part of McMMO, and some of these skills are parent skills to certain skills. McMMO also allows for players to form parties with other players, allowing for party chat, item sharing, and experience sharing to be unlocked.

McMMO Commands

Lists all of your active McMMO skills, their skill levels, and your power level.
/[Skill Name]
Shows detailed information about a skill and its abilities.
Note: The skill must be active to display information about it.
/mctop [Skill] [Page]
Lists the players with the highest power level or skill level.
/inspect [Player]
Shows the McMMO skills and levels for a certain player.
Note: You must be within a certain range of the player to use this command.
Toggles the ability to right click with certain tools to activate McMMO abilities.

McMMO Skills

Most McMMO skills require for you to have a particular job active; if an associated job is not active, you cannot level up or use the abilities of the McMMO skill.

A “Parent Skill” is a skill that allows its “Child skill” to level at the same time. For example, the Smelting skill will level equally proportionate to the Mining skill. This means that when your Mining skill goes from 349 to 350, your Smelting skill also raises from 349 to 350.

Base Skills

McMMO Skill Associated Jobs Skill Description
Acrobatics N/A The ability to fall from large heights without taking damage.
Alchemy Alchemist, Demolitionist Knowledge of the Art of Alchemy. Brew new ingredients and increase brewing speed.
Archery Hunter, Soldier Mastery of fighting with a bow.
Axes Arborist, Blacksmith, Chef, Soldier Mastery of using Axes in combat.
Excavation Alchemist, Builder, Farmer, Miner The ability to excavate land more efficiently. You might find treasure by leveling it up.
Fishing Chef, Farmer, Fisherman, Hunter The level of patience when harvesting from the sea.
Herbalism Alchemist, Farmer The ability to work the land to produce crops.
Mining Explorer, Miner, Treasure Hunter Skill at finding rare minerals when exploring underground.
Repair Blacksmith, Inventor The ability to repair damaged tools and armor.
Swords Blacksmith, Soldier Mastery of the Art of the Sword.
Taming Hunter, Rancher Knowledge of the world’s beasts, and the ability to control them.
Unarmed N/A Knowledge of combat without a weapon. A staple for any traveler.
Woodcutting Arborist, Explorer, Treasure Hunter The skill of forestry, or chopping down trees.

Note: Acrobatics and Unarmed do not require any particular jobs to be active.

Child Skills

McMMO Skill Parent Skill Associated Jobs Skill Description
Salvage Repair Blacksmith, Inventor Mastery of retrieving valuable minerals from seeming scrap.
Smelting Mining Blacksmith Knowledge of metal refining.


For detailed information on Parties, please see Party System.