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Inventor is one of twenty jobs available to players. Inventors create intricate redstone contraptions for various purposes, from simple switch activation to massive redstone machines.

Income and Experience

Inventors earn money and job experience through crafting redstone items and placing any items that are used for redstone devices. Use /J info Inventor In-Game for more information.

mcMMO Skills

Unique Abilities

Void Storage Crafting

At level 10, an Inventor gains the ability to craft a void storage which can hold a certain degree of one type of basic building block.

Level 10 inventor can create a tiny void storage that holds 500 units of a certain block.

Tiny Void Storage

Level 20 Inventors can create a small void storage that holds 1,000 units of a certain block.

Small Void Storage

Level 30 Inventors can create a large void storage that holds 5,000 units of a certain block.

Large Void Storage

Level 40 Inventors can create a huge void storage that holds 10,000 units of a certain block.

Huge Void Storage

  • When you want to fill them you must right-click and and the specific building block will be sucked into the void. If you want to empty them just left-click and the blocks will go into all of the empty slots in your inventory. You can also take and place stacks of items at a time by sneaking and doing the same methods.

Job Bags

Inventors are able to craft 3 sizes of their respective job bag, which holds redstone items. For an exact whitelist, level requirements, and recipes, visit Job Bags.

Advanced Jobs

Advanced Job Upgrade Description
Animator +50% $ for summoning snow and iron golems
Machinist +50% $ for crafting redstone related blocks and items
Rail Engineer +50% $ for placing/crafting rail related items
Roboticist +50% $ for placing/crafting pistons/dispensers/hoppers
Slime Expert x2 $ for placing/crafting sticky pistons