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Interactive Chat

Interactive chat is an easy way to do certain tasks easier on the Multiverse. Interactive chat allows you to click commands or words to get a task done more quickly. There are many things that are included with interactive chat, as shown below.


Preferences are a new thing added with interactive chat. With preferences you can customize your game with log in commands, chat filters, chest shops, notifications, chat formatting, and opting out of specific things. To use preferences, type /prefs in game. There you will see a list of items that you can click in order to view the possible toggles. The toggles are saved to your account and are kept every time you log on. Prefs.png


Player Names

With interactive chat, players can click other players’ names to view different commands. You can either pay the player or (un)friend the player. Clicking pay will bring up the pay command and the players name, simply put the amount in to finish it off. Selecting (un)friend will automatically friend or unfriend the player.

Chat Channels

Interactive chat allows you to click a chat channel in order to leave it. Simple hover over the [Chat Channel] area and click to toggle. Remember, to rejoin the channel do /join [channel name].

Towns and Nations

Towns and nations are also improved with interactive chat. If you hover over a town or nation, the statistics of the town or nation will be showed. For a town this includes the size, owner, number of residents, and the residents themselves. Hovering over a nation will show the king, assistants, capitol and towns.


Chest Claim

Chest Claim also gives easier accessibility by using interactive chat. Clicking on [Inv] will send the items in that entire claim to your inventory. Selecting [Chest] will send all of the items in that claim to a chest you are looking at. Hovering over the orange text will show who sent the item and what type of container was sent. Selecting [1] [2]... will send the respected slot to your inventory.

CC-Inv-IC-Example.png Chest-IC-CC-Example.png

CC-Sender-IC-Example.png CC-Slot-Claim-Example.png

Item/Command Linking

With interactive chat you can also link items and commands in chat. You can link items by doing %item in chat. When an item is linked in chat you can hover over it to see the details of the item. You can also link commands in chat by doing ./[command]. in global chats. Commands linked in chat will either show as light blue or blue and are clickable.
Item-Link-IC-Example.png Command-Link-IC-Example.png


Interactive chat allows you to easily access your claimed wolves, cats, and horses. For a list of all PetClaim commands check out our PetClaim page. You can access the PetClaim interface by doing /petclaim in-game. Selecting Stable and right clicking a wolf, cat, or horse will send the animal to their respected claim. Selecting Stable All will stable all pets registered to your claim that are in loaded chunks. Selecting Find will find any unstabled pets in any loaded chunks and notify you the amount of pets found that are registered to your claim. Selecting List will provide a list of dogs, cats, and horses that are currently in your PetClaim. From there you can select one of the three animals, showing the list and numbers of animals in your claim. Branching from that, you can select specific animals you want to summon, view the pets information, as well as choose specific animals you want to delete. Lastly you can select Slots to buy more slots for either dogs, cats, or horses so you can store more of the animal type. You can also see how many slots you have by hovering over the * (asterisk).

4PetClaim.jpg Petclaim-List.png Pet-Info.png Delete-Pet.png

Current-Slots.png Buy-Slots.png