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Plugin Command Pages

These pages have a list of active commands for the respective plugins:

Bonus Point Commands


Bonus points are donation rewards which are used for network wide bonuses which help all players. For more information, please see the Bonus Points page.

Lists the active bonuses and your current bonus points.
/bonus [Category]
Shows the current percentage for one category.
/bonus [Category] [Amount]
Spends bonus points on the signified category.
/bonus check
Displays a scoreboard with the current bonus percentages. Disabling the scoreboard is accomplished by using the command /prefs hidestatsscoreboard.

Economy Commands


For more information, please see the Economy page.

/bal [Player] , /balance [Player] , /money [Player]
Displays your current balance. Add a name after the command in order to check other players' balances.
/pay [Player] [Amount]
Pays another player the indicated amount of money.
/iinfo or /iteminfo
Shows the shop name and ID number of the item currently being held.
Shows the shop name, ID number, and short names of the item currently being held.

Mail/Messages Commands

You can send messages to online or offline players through utilizing the mail system.

/mail send [Player] [Message] or /mail [Player] [Message]
Sends a message to another player.
/mail read
Displays all current mail messages.
/mail clear
Deletes all messages from your inbox.
/message [Player] [Message], /msg [Player] [Message], /tell [Player] [Message]
Sends a message to the entered player.
/reply [Message] or /r [Message]
Sends a message to the previously messaged player.

McMMO Commands

For information on the various skills and to which jobs they are tied, please see the McMMO page.

/[Skill Name]
Shows detailed information about a skill and its abilities.
Lists all of your active McMMO skills, their skill levels, and your power level.
Note: The skill must be active to display information about it.
/mctop [Skill] [Page]
Lists the players with the highest power level or skill level.
/inspect [Player]
Shows the McMMO skills and levels for a certain player.
Note: You must be within a certain range of the player to use this command.
Toggles the ability to right click with certain tools to activate McMMO abilities.

Miscellaneous Commands

Displays the Decoration Blocks shop where you can purchase many different decoration blocks.
For more information, please see: Decoration Blocks.
Used to access the Custom Item UI where you can view all of OMM's custom, discontinued, and event items.
/nametag [Town|Nation|Hybrid|Job (Job name)|Off]
Controls your character's name title for the tab list and your visible name. This can include your town, nation, and/or job.
Lists all available server plugins (this is a long list).
Displays the Voting Rewards shop which also lists your current number of reward points.
For more information on how to help our server and how to obtain rewards through voting, please see the Voting page.
Lists the various categories of server rules.
/rules [Chat/Staff/Grief/Theft/Cheating/Exploits/Towny/PvP/AccountPolicy]
Shows the server rules of the entered category.
/tps or /ping
Shows the your current server's TPS (Ticks per Second). This is a measure of your server's lag.
Each number's color indicates the status of the server at the specific time: Green = Stable, Yellow = Slightly Unstable, Red = Unstable.

Player History Commands

Information about our server's ranks is available on the Player Ranks page.

/lp [Player]
Displays the current lp of either yourself or the indicated player.
/lp ratio [Day] [Player]
Gives the total LP ratio of the target. If a number of days is specified, this command gives the LP ratio for the specified number of days.
/history [Player]
Shows the total amount of days played since you or the indicated person joined.
/playtime [Player]
Shows your total playtime or the playtime of another person.
/seen [Player]
Displays when someone was last online.

Resident Commands

Please Note: "/res" is interchangeable with "/resident"

/res [Player] or /player [Player]
Resident List
Res set.png
Displays player information about yourself or the entered player.
/res ?
Lists available resident commands in-game.
/res banner
Converts a held banner into your set banner pattern.
/res friend add [Player] or /friend [Player]
Adds a player to your friends list.
/res friend remove [Player] or /unfriend [Player]
Removes a player from your friends list.
/res list
Displays a UI with all online players on your current server.
/res spawn
Teleports you to your town's spawn.
Note: This is only usable while you are located on a server where you are part of a town.
/res set
Lists the commands used for setting various things.
/res tax
Shows your number of owned plots and the taxes you owe in total.
/res toggle
Displays the various toggles you can set for all of your plots.
/res toggle [pvp/explosion/fire/mobs]
Toggles the entered option for all of your owned plots.

Server Commands

Server Selection Menu

The Servers page has more information on the servers and all of their worlds.

Lists all online players and the server where each player is currently located.
/glist [Server]
Lists all players located on a specific server.
/glist staff
Lists all staff members who are currently online and their servers.
/homeserver or /hs
Displays your current Home Server.
/sethomeserver [Server]
Changes your home server to the indicated server.
Note: You must be on your current home server in order to change the server.
Shows which server you are currently playing on and a list of all available servers.
Displays a server selection menu where you can select any of the available servers.
Displays available worlds while you located on one of the five Towny servers.

Teleportation Commands

Teleports you to the entered server.
Teleports you to your current server's spawn location.
/tpa [Player] or /call [Player]
Sends a request to teleport to the entered player's location.
/tpahere [Player]
Sends a request for the player to teleport to your location.
/warp [Town/Location]]
Teleports you to the entered town or server location.