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This page contains various frequently asked questions about our server.

The FAQ Category page lists server features covered by the in-game FAQ pages which are accessible with /faq or /faq (feature name).


What type of server is OMM?

Octagami’s Mayhem Multiverse or OMM for short is an enhanced vanilla survival server which focuses mainly on Player Vs Environment [PVE]. Our goal is to provide a stable, well maintained environment in which players can enjoy playing on our minecraft server. OMM is a combination of Towny, mcMMO, Economy, Jobs, Custom Mobs, and much more!

Is this a PVP server?

OMM’s primary focus is Player Vs Environment [PVE]. However there are several ways to engage in Player Vs Player [PVP]. The majority of OMM’s PvP is held on the Factions server where we have the factions plugin running. For players who don’t like factions, you can also PvP at /warp arena or change towny permissions the allow PvP. To do this, players must use /t toggle pvp. Players can also PvP at the Bloodlands. To access this world, players must type /wastelands then /warp bloodlands. Enter at your own risk! For more information about Towny PvP, see the Towny Page.

What is the server difficulty?

All of OMM’s servers are set to Hard. With the help of our Custom Mobs plugin, the Wastelands server contains harder difficulty mobs with customized abilities.

How do I get started?

At a basic level, players will be provided with basic stone tools, a crafting table and a furnace. You can then select 3 jobs to utilize. To select jobs, use the command /j select. An interactive menu will then pop up to select your jobs. Hover over each job for a brief description for each job. To confirm your 3 jobs, click on the nether star. At this point, you can choose to go to the Resource server to gather materials, or you can participate on a settlement server through either joining or creating a town.

How do I get ranks?

OMM’s rank system is based on active playtime. Each 5 minutes of playtime will reward you with 1 Loyalty Point or LP for short. Once you obtain the required LP for a certain rank, you will automatically rank up. For example, to obtain the rank of Skylander, you’ll need 3000 LP which is the equivalent of 250 hours. At the rank of Skylander, you’ll be able to set 25 homes, the ability to fly using the /fly command, and Skylands access (floating world for Skylander+ ranks).

How do I join or create a Town?

If you would like to join a town, simply type /townchoice. Alternatively, if towns are toggled open, you can just use /town join [Town Name]. If you wish to join a closed town, you will need to message the town’s mayor using /message [Player Name] or /mail send [Player Name] [Message]. For players who want to create their own town, they will need to find some unclaimed land at /warp settlement. Once you have found a good spot to create your town, use /town new [Town Name]. To expand your town, you’ll first need to deposit money into the town bank using /town deposit [$ Amount]. Once the town has the required funds, walk over to the next wilderness plot that is attached to your town and use /town claim. For plots between 1 and 32, it will cost $100per, plots between 33 and 64, it will cost $200per. To manage your town better, here is the Towny Plugin. Remember, if trying to claim more land, and you get "Selected area not attached to edge." - this means you will have to move closer to the border of your town, only plots directly connected to your town can be claimed. Use /rest set mode plotborders or F3+G to help view plots in your town.

How do I join or create a Nation?

If you would like to join a nation, simply say “ /rc May I join a nation please “.Alternatively, if nations are toggled open, you can just use /nation join [Town Name]. If you wish to join a closed nation, you will need to message the nation’s king/queen using /message [Player Name] or /mail send [Player Name] [Message]. For players who want to create their own nation, they will need to 2 towns with a minimum of 10 members for the nation to be created. Once you have the required towns and members use /nation new [Nation Name] [Town Name]. Note: Whoever controls the Nation’s Capital, will control the Nation.

Error: "Not allowed to build in the wild."

Building in the wilderness is restricted for several reasons. You can gather materials in the wastelands while the sole purpose of the settlement worlds is town creation. You should remember that anything built in the wastelands is temporary and can be expendable.

How do I earn money and what can I use it for?

The easiest ways to earn money in game will be by jobs or player trading. Firstly doing stuff that earns money and exp from your Jobs is a great source. Alternatively you can trade items back and forth between players. There are multiple ways to trade items and the most common way is using the ChestShop Plugin. You can also utilize Trading and the Auction House. Players can also drop trade items, but this is a risky act and staff will not refund anyone who has been scammed or cheated through this method. Players can spend their money on buying items from players, claiming land for your town, and many more smaller things such as: hiring players to excavate land, paying players for build projects, and general good will gestures.


What can Moderators do?

Moderators are a Staff Rank. They are here to enforce server rules and make sure players are abiding by them. Moderators have the ability to mute, kick or even ban players. Some of them even have the ability to help in more difficult situations such as handling Towny Requests to add/remove players from towns, or towns from nations. Beyond the role of Moderating, they can act just like a regular player. Moderators are NOT allowed to spawn in items or cash at a player’s request. If players are in need of a restore or anything due to server malfunction, this must be escalated to the Lead Moderators.

What can Guides do?

Guides are another type of Staff Rank. As a Guide they are here for the day-to-day player interactions. Guides monitor chats as well as help player with their questions. Guides are almost always visible to players, so feel free to /MSG one if you have any questions. Lead Guides are also in charge of restorations to players if needed. (The same rules that apply to mods, apply to guides.)

What can Architects do?

Architects are responsible for building and working on server builds, events, and features. Lead architects provide the coordination between the architects along with helping them in any way they can. They typically are working tirelessly for the server, and their job isn't to directly work with players. Architects will not use worldedit or creative to create items for players, or edit the world for players in any way. Architects (except Leads) do NOT have creative or world edit on the main server.

What can Promoters do?

Promoters are a fairly new department of staff, incharge of updating all social media and advertising the server. This can include, but not limited to,; Create and maintain website front page promotion, Improve and maintain our entries on server listing sites, Post news updates when major features are released, Create and maintain accounts on social media sites (YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter), Create 30 second promotional videos that pitch the server and Create comprehensive tutorial videos for server features.

What can Developers do?

Developers are responsible for all the server and plugins code management. They work on new features or continually tweak existing features to make them more exciting. They are also responsible for making sure the plugins and server features are working optimal and without bugs that may result in exploits. If you encounter any bugs it is best to report them.

How do I become a staff member?

You should never ask to become a staff member while in the server. Asking to be promoted, especially repeatedly, may lead to disciplinary action. That said, it is possible for a regular player to apply for staff on our forums. If you meet the requirements, there is a possibility you will be promoted. This is only likely to happen if you are polite, considerate, helpful, and very active in our community over a prolonged period. Even then, you may never be promoted. Promoting a staff member comes with considerable risk, as a bad actor with those privileges can be extremely damaging. Upon promotion to staff, an individual will be subject to a trial period. During this time, they are assessed to their quality of work. The end of this period will result in either a promotion to a full position or a denial. Members can apply again if they are denied. But, if they are denied, they cannot apply again for another month. That means if someone was denied on Jan. 5th, they cannot apply again until Feb. 5th.

What do I do if no Staff is online?

Octagami's Mayhem Multiverse is designed to the best of our ability to be self sufficient. The hope is that staff should never be required just to play the game. Players are provided with some tools to protect themselves from griefers (Towny, LWC). If bad behavior cannot be prevented with plugins alone and if no staff are online, you can contact us on the forums with a report about the problem.


What plugins does the server run?

The following basic plugins are installed for use by players:
  • Towny
  • LWC
  • McMMO
  • Essentials
  • Multiverse
  • Dynmap

A more detailed plugin list can be found here.

Other plugins may be installed that exist for staff use:
  • WorldBorder
  • WorldGuard
  • WorldEdit

Additional plugins are installed that are not public. These are anti-cheat or anti-griefing tools.

You don't run my favorite plugin. Can you please install it?

If you'd like to recommend a plugin that you think fits with our server model, please post the recommendation in the Suggestions section of the forums.

Please understand that we are conservative about adding additional plugins. In general the plugin must be stable, update frequently, and add significant value to warrant inclusion. Every additional plugin adds risk to the stability and impacts the performance of the server. No one is a fan of lag, server crashes, and downtime.

Note: We are an enhanced vanilla Minecraft server and will remain one. A plugin for the server won't be considered if it requires players to modify their game client.