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Explorer is one of the twenty jobs available to players. Explorers are adventurers and travelers, who set out to see every corner of the multiverse.

Income and Experience

Explorers gain money and experience by exploring different biomes on foot, on a pig, on a horse or in a boat. (/j info Explorer)

McMMO Skills

Unique Abilities


(Level 1+) Explorers can view which chunks around them they have explored by using the command /towny explore , or its larger variant, /towny explore big .

Wall Climb

(Level 10+) By holding shift when placing a ladder or a vine, “phantom” ladders or vines will appear above the one placed to a certain height dictated by the explorer’s level. This allows an explorer to climb to difficult to reach places.

Explorer Level Wall Climb Height
10 8 blocks
20 16 blocks
30 24 blocks
40 32 blocks

Find Biome

(Level 10+) The Find Biome ability allows an explorer to locate a biome of their choosing. With a compass in your hotbar, simply use the command /findbiome [biome] . Biomes are grouped by rarity, and these groups are unlocked every ten explorer levels.

Explorer Level Biome Rarity Unlocked Biomes Included
10 Common Beach, Cold_Taiga, Desert, Forest, Ice_Plains, Mountains, Ocean, Plains, River, Savanna, Swampland, Taiga
20 Uncommon Birch_Forest, Jungle, Mesa
30 Rare Flower_Forest, Sunflower_Plains, Mega_Taiga, Roofed_Forest
40 Very Rare Mushroom Island, Ice_Spikes, Mesa Bryce

Grappling Hook

(Level 20+) An explorer has the ability to use grappling hook. If you right click a block at least two blocks above your head with a fishing rod in hand, you will be pulled towards that block.

Advanced Jobs

Advanced Job Upgrade Description
Mountaineer +50% $ for mountains, $ for placing ladders
Oceanographer +50% $ for oceans and rivers, $ for crafting boats
Pathfinder +50% $ for forests and jungles, $ for breaking leaves
Spelunker x2 $ for underground, $ for placing torches
Tourist +50% $ for exploring towns, $ for placing signs