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"After extensive research into the powers of the Enchanting Table, wizards and scholars have discovered Ensorcelling, the art of removing randomness from the use of an Enchanting Table"


When an Enchanter reaches level 10 they gain Ensorcell, the ability to choose specific enchantments to place on items. The enchantments and available ranks correspond with what level enchanter you are. For example, a level 10 Enchanter will only have access to Tier 1 enchantments.

  1. Begin by shift+right-clicking an enchanting table to bring up the special GUI.
  2. Next, place Lapis Lazuli in it's slot, then place the item you wish to enchant in the enchanting slot, which opens a new menu.

Note: lapis is needed to use ensorcell. The equation to find lapis usage is 2*(1+enchant amount). For example when selecting three tier one enchants for a sword, you would need 8 lapis.

  1. You can hover over enchantment icon to see information on the enchantment
  2. Clicking on an icon will bring you into its selection screen.
  3. When you're done picking enchantments, you can view what you've chosen by hovering over the enchanted book.
  4. Clicking on the Nether Star icon will complete the selection and bring you to the final stage.
  5. Simply click on the button on the right hand side to complete the enchantment.

Note: The enchantment table will spit your lapis lazuli back at you.

Shift+left-clicking on an enchanting table will show you what enchantments you can put on the item you're holding, as well as the cost, or you can view all available enchantments by shift+left-clicking the enchantment table with your fist.


  1. Shift+right-clicking a enchanting table will bring up the Ensorcell interface.
  2. Insert your desired item and the lapis lazuli.
  3. Click on the magma cream at the bottom labeled "Disenchant" to bring up the special disenchant mode.
  4. Click the enchantments you want removed, and click the Nether Star.

Reminder: Disenchanting costs exactly half of the xp that an enchantment would cost to enchant.

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