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The economy on all of our Towny servers is completely player run.

Global Balance

Server balances are automatically combined after joining a server.

In September, a change was implemented in the OMM servers, which has made balances global. This change was made 3 months after the CtC feature was released. This change has since rendered the CtC feature obsolete and has effectively replaced it.

How the Balance Works

The Global Balance works by taking your money wherever you go on the network and adding your balance automatically to your current server.

When you log off, money is taken then from the server you are in and added into your global balance. When you log back in, money is taken from your global balance and added to the server you have joined. When you switch servers, all your money will transfer with you and then it be on that server.

Any profits/deficits gained from Chest Shops on another server are automatically applied when you join that server.

Chest Shop

Instead of manually trading, players can use this server plugin to automatically trade items to other players. Please see Chest Shops for detailed information.


Trading window.png

The trading interface is a server feature which provides a way to safely exchange items and cash with other players.

How to Initiate a Trade Request

To initiate a trade request, simply type /trade [playername].

If you are next to the player, then you can simply crouch and right click the player or navigate to the trade icon using Interactive Chat.

How to Accept or Deny a Trade Request

Trade requests can be sent when the other player is within 100 blocks.

If a player is requesting to trade with you, you can either click Accept to open the trading interface or Decline to decline the trade request.

Transferrable Entities

All items can be traded to other players by utilizing the trade plugin. You can also trade money by using the gold nugget, ingot, or block icons on the trading interface.

More information can be found in game by using the command /faq trading.


OMM has an Auction plugin that can be used to trade items with a bidding system. Players can use the floAuction plugin to buy and sell items at a more fast paced rate. This method is safe to ensure player trading without any issues. To learn more about floAuction you can watch some Tutorials. floAuctions can be started on the Shop server, to reach it use /shop and then /warp auctionhouse. Once at the Auction House, any player can create an Auction. For a quick reference guide, you can view this by typing /auc while in the Auction House or /faq auctions in game. Alternatively, players would need to hold the item that you wish to sell, then type /auc [Quantity] [Price] [Increase] [Time] [Buy Now].

  • [Quantity] Refers to how much of the item you wish to sell.
  • [Price] Refers to how much you want to sell it for.
  • [Increase] Refers to how much you want the current bid to increase from after each subsequent player bid.
  • [Time] Refers to how long you wish to have the item on auction for.
  • [Buy Now] Refers to buying the item instantly.

At any time during the auction, players can choose to bid with the command /bid or /bid [Amount]. If you want the item and do not wish to bid and wait for the time to run out, you can use /bid buy which will automatically buyout the current auction. At any time players can choose to cancel the auction using /auc cancel. Players can queue another auction while an auction is in progress. You will be placed into a queue until it is your turn to auction your item.

Paying Players

Aside from chest shop, players can use the /pay (player) (amount) command to pay other players. However this method of trading is not recommended because there is no way to ensure a fair exchange. Staff will often not restore items or money lost in bad trades with other players.

Economy & Towny

Towny uses money for border expansions. Town members can use /town deposit (amount) to place money into the town bank.

  • Claiming plots costs $100 -> $200 -> $300 -> $400 -> $500 -> $1000 -> $2000 per plot. (Cost increases as more plots are bought)
  • Outposts cost $500 to purchase.

Economy Commands

  • /bal or /balance or /money - shows player current balance. Add a name after the command in order to check other player's balances.
  • /pay (player) (amount) - Pays another player the indicated amount of money.
  • /baltop <position> - Shows you the player in that position of wealth, e.g. /baltop 50 will show you the 50th richest player on the server.