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Donation is an act of giving charity, or simply a sum of money for the server. Not only does it benefit the server, it benefits all of the Players. As you can see, we have a command here in OMM which is /bonus. Bonus increases by donating to the server, and therefore increases the chance of getting experience for a job, the chance to spawn a legendary monster, more item drops and of course MCMMO gains.

There is a button at the website which is simply donate. Once clicked, it will redirect you to another link. Or click on this link to redirect you there here.


How can I know the corresponding bonus after a few days?

As you go to the website, you will see a graph that looks exactly like this (current statistics):


The chart represents a line graph that displays the current bonus of today, tomorrow and a few other days.

  • The yellow line represents jobs.
  • The sky blue line represents MCMMO.
  • The red line represents the legendary monsters.
  • The green line represents drop rate.

You can see now that the jobs percentage is currently almost to 200%, But after a certain time, the percentage slowly decreases by a constant rate of 1% every 2 hours. You can also check the bonus rate in minecraft itself by doing /bonus (the name of the bonus)

Example: Donations3.jpg

How to acquire bonus?

Now In order to acquire bonus you must simply donate. Every $1, the bonus increases by 1%, meaning if someone donates $100, then the rate increases by 100%!

There is also a link for the wiki here.

Aside from that you as a donator, can pick whatever bonus to increase. Just like the graph! Example, some donators increased the bonus to 220% for the job experience! More than double exp for everyone!


How to donate?

To donate, just go and input your Minecraft name and select an amount:



If you didn't receive the bonus, post it on the help section located in the forums here!