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Chef is one of the twenty jobs available to players. Chefs can create many foods that are custom to the server, that can provide health boosts and other potion effects.

Income and Experience

Chefs earn money and experience for cooking and crafting vanilla and custom foods. (/j info Chef)

mcMMO Skills

Unique Abilities

Crafting Cook Foods

OMM has quite a few cooking recipes that are unique to our server! These new foods and their ingredients consist of repurposed item textures from vanilla minecraft, such as nether wart for grapes and cherries or sugar for salt and flour.

Because the Jobs plugin doesn't recognize non-vanilla food items, chefs receive the income for the repurposed item rather than the new food itself. For example, when making a BLT sandwich, a chef will get the payment for making bread which is the item that was repurposed to make BLTs.

At level 20, Chefs can craft Tier I foods.

At level 30, Chefs can create the two Epic Foods, Dragon Egg Omelette and Nether Star Pie!

Job Bags

Chefs are able to craft 3 sizes of their respective job bag, which holds food items. For an exact whitelist, level requirements, and recipes, visit Job Bags.

Advanced Jobs

Advanced Job Upgrade Description
Celebrity Chef x2 $ for foods that use unami
Gilded Chef +50% $ for gold foods, $ for smelting gold
Gourmet Chef +50% $ for cooking dinner foods
Pastry Chef x2 $ for making cookies/cakes/pies
Rotisseur x2 $ for cooking fish/meat/veggies/chicken