Cauldron Brewing

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Cauldron Brewing is a better and more advanced way to brew potions with regular and custom effects.


Certain levels of the Alchemist job are needed:

  • Level 10+ to unlock Cauldron Brewing.
  • Level 30+ to add 2 effects on one potion.
  • Level 40+ to add 3 effects on one potion.

Note: The Alchemist job must be active in order to brew.

Brewing Setup/Instructions

The brewing process is somewhat complicated for newcomers, but any aspiring Alchemist should be adept at brewing in no time.

  • Place the cauldron so it has space on all four sides.
  • To start off the brewing process, fill the cauldron with water and place a nether wart inside the cauldron.
  • Next, add the first potion effect you want to utilize. For an in-game list of ingredients/effects use /faq cauldroningredients.
  • Once you've added the ingredient, you can add modifiers to make the brew stronger.
- If you decide to modify one potion effect with glowstone and redstone, you have to add the glowstone before the redstone or the cauldron will explode.
  • When you are done adding the modifiers, stir the cauldron with a stick, bone, or blaze rod.
  • If you want to add multiple potion effects to one potion, repeat the process on the same active cauldron.
  • After your brew is complete, bottle the potion by using 3 empty glass bottles on the finished cauldron.

If the brew was successful, it should look something like this:

Finished Potion

Potion Ingredients

Beneficial Effect Ingredients

Cauldron Brewed Potion
Ingredient Potion Effect
Blaze Powder Strength
Cake Haste
Diamond Invisibility
Ghast Tear Regeneration
Glistening Melon Instant Health
Golden Apple Absorption
Golden Carrot Night Vision
Iron Ingot Resistance
Magma Cream Fire Resistance
Pufferfish Water Breathing
Rabbit Foot Jump Boost
Sugar Speed

Harmful Effect Ingredients

Ingredient Potion Effect
Cactus Instant Damage
Ender Pearl Blindness
Fermented Spider Eye Weakness
Ink Sac Mining Fatigue
Poisonous Potato Nausea
Rotten Flesh Hunger
Slimeball Slowness
Spider Eye Poison
Wither Skull Shard Wither

Potion Modifier Ingredients

Modification Ingredient
Splash Effect Gunpowder
Corrupt Effect Clayball
Purify Effect Gold Nugget
Extend Redstone Dust
Extend II Redstone Block
Extend III Pure Redstone
Amplify Glowstone Dust
Amplify II Pure Glowstone Dust


  • Using modifier ingredients is optional, so you can cauldron brew by only using nether wart and basic potion effects.
  • To test your potion's effects before bottling, you can taste the brew with a shovel (spoon). Tasting the potion will result in 1/3 of the brew being used.