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The Lucky 8 Casino is a great place to relax, gamble, and participate in fun events! To reach the server in game, simply use the command /casino. This server is still in progress, so expect new features and builds soon!

Casino Games

Prize Slots

Prize slots have a similar method of use as the normal slot machines. Here you can spend Voting Points and earn anything from umami to cloaks. There are currently four prize slots to use, one for each creator. When ready to give it a go just right click the lever and wait to see if you've won anything. Each slot use costs one point each.

Slot Machines

Here are the instructions to use a slot machine:

  1. Every slot machine has two bets that you can place on it, a lower bet, and a higher bet. If the bets on the machine you are using are too low or too high, try another machine a bit farther away, as different machines can have lower or higher bets.
  2. Right-click the button on the left to select the lower of the two bets, or right-click the button on the right to select the higher of the two bets.
  3. Once you've chosen your bet, right click the lever.
  4. You will be notified as a hot bar message if/what you win. You can win up to 10x your bet!


The Casino server also contains a user friendly Chess Board. Players can find Chess by simply using the command /casino. The Chess room is located on the top floor of the casino, last room on the right near the balcony. The start your Chess game, below are the basic commands to get your game prepared.

  • /chess create game -[white/black] - Creates your Chess game. Specifies whether you wish to play as White or Black.
    • NOTE: You must use '/chess create game -white' to play as white or '/chess create game -black' to play as black.
  • /chess invite [Player/AI Name] - Specifies whether you wish to play vs a Player or an AI.
    • Current AI list: jcab3, jcab4, jcab5, jcab6, jcmm1, jcmm2, jcmm3, jcmm4, jcns3, jcns4, jcns5 and jcns6
  • /chess stake [Amount] - (Optional) Specifies whether you wish to bet a $$ amount for your game.
  • /chess start - Lastly this step will finalize the setup and allow you to play your game!


  • Castling is a special type of chess move where you can simultaneously move your King, and one of your Rooks. The King moves two squares towards a Rook, and that Rook moves to the square on the other side of the King. Refer to Castling.
  • En Passant is another special chess move where you can move your Pawn to capture your enemies pawn without from a side by side position. Refer to En Passant


  1. Sandstone will represent the White Team. Bricks will represent the Black Team.
  2. Wood Log represents a Rook, Iron Block represents a Knight, Fence Post will represent a Bishop, Diamond Block will represent a King and a Gold Block will represent your Queen.

The casino server is also the home to many network wide events. Keep and eye on the events section of forums to discover events happening in the near future!