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Blacksmith is one of the twenty jobs available to players. They are masters of the anvil and can imbue weapons and armor with unique effects.

Income and Experience

The Blacksmith earns money for smelting ores, crafting weapons, tools, armor and repairing them on an mcMMO Anvil, which is also known as an Iron Block. See /j info blacksmith in-game for more information.

mcMMO Skills

Unique Abilities

Book Crafting

Blacksmith Level Enchanted Book Recipe
10 Unbreaking I Iron Ingot + 3 XP Bottles + 1 Book
20 Unbreaking II Iron Ingot + 6 XP Bottles + 1 Book
30 Unbreaking III Pure Iron + 1 Bucket of Lesser Enchanting + 1 Book
40 Mending Greater Bucket of Enchanting + Pristine Diamond + 1 Book

Job Bags

Blacksmiths are able to craft 3 sizes of their respective job bag, which holds blacksmith materials. For an exact whitelist, level requirements, and recipes, visit Job Bags.

Chain Armor Crafting

Chainmail armor can be crafted by any level 5+ Blacksmith. Craft chain armor using chain links in the crafting grid as regular armor patterns. Chain links can be acquired by placing Iron Ore in the crafting grid. Chain armor cannot be repaired on an mcMMO Anvil, instead you will have to repair it by putting the armor and an Iron Ingot in a vanilla anvil. See /faq chainmail in-game for more information.

Fire Affinity

(Level 10+) While on fire, 50% of fire damage taken is negated.

Anvil Crafting

(Level 20+) Craft unique, imbued armor and iron job-boosting tools using a new, more realistic crafting sequence. The Blacksmith can craft this special armor at the following levels: L20: Gold/Chain | L30: Iron | L40: Diamond. See our Anvil Crafting Guide and our Anvil Crafting Recipes for more details.

Job Item Crafting

(Level 30+) Blacksmith can craft the following job items:

Job Item Recipe
Arborist's Hatchet Iron Axe Mold + Emerald Block
Blacksmith's Hammer Iron Axe Mold + Anvil x 4
Builder's Brick Pure Iron + Lapis Block x 8
Chef's Spoon Iron Shovel Mold + Lapis Block x 8
Demolitionist's Hardhat Iron Helmet Mold + Monster Egg x 4
Excavator's Shovel Iron Shovel Mold + Soul Sand x 8
Explorer's Greaves Iron Leggings Mold + Pure Redstone
Farmer's Plow Iron Hoe Mold + Saddle x 4
Miner's Pickaxe Iron Pickaxe Mold + Diamond Block
Monster Hunter's Stompers Iron Boots Mold + Magma Cream x 4
Monster Hunter's Sword Iron Sword Mold + Magma Cream x 4
Rancher's Shears Shears Mold + Monster Egg x 4
Soldier's Blade Iron Sword Mold + Redstone Block x 8
Soldier's Breastplate Iron Chestplate Mold + Redstone Block x 8
Soldier's Waraxe Iron Axe Mold + Redstone Block x 8
Treasure Hunter's Shovel Iron Shovel Mold + Map x 4

See our Anvil Crafting Guide for more information.


Both Blacksmith and Inventor can salvage items. Salvaging destroys an item and gives you a portion of the amount of materials it takes to craft. The amount of items returned scales with your salvage skill level, going up to a max of 50%. Your salvage skill is equal to your repair skill in-game; when you are at level 250 in repair, you are able to begin salvaging. To salvage an item, right-click a gold block whilst holding the item you want to salvage, but make sure have enough space above the gold block, or you may lose items. Note that salvaging does not remove item enchants, nor does it downgrade enchants. For more information regarding salvaging, you can view the mcMMO Salvage Wiki or see /faq salvaging in-game.


Both the Blacksmith and the Inventor get the ability to repair damaged tools, armor, and weapons. They can repair using an Iron Block, which is also known as an mcMMO Anvil. Before you can repair anything, you must have both the damaged tool, armor, or weapon in your inventory, and whatever material it is made out of. After that's done, right-click your iron block whilst holding the damaged item, and it will repair. Please note that repairing items does not remove any enchantments. When at an mcMMO repair skill of level 50 or higher, you have the ability to repair diamond. If you're below level 50 repair skill, you can repair anything but diamond.

Horse Armor Crafting

Horse armor crafting

Blacksmiths can craft horse armor using the 1.6 snapshot recipes that were later removed. The exact levels needed can be found below.

Type of horse armor Level required
Iron 10
Gold 15
Diamond 20

Advanced Jobs

Advanced Job Upgrade Description
Armorsmith +50% $ for crafting armor
Gem Worker $ for mining diamond and emerald
Materialist +25% $ for smelting/crafting iron and gold
Mechanic +50% $ for repairing items
Weaponsmith +50% $ for crafting swords and axes