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Arborist Job Tutorial|frame}}

Arborist is one of the twenty jobs available to players. Arborists are adept at tree cultivation, and the collection of all of the resources they can provide. They are an authority on the use of axes, and though they mainly use them on trees, they are able to use them as a weapon as well.

Income and Experience

Arborists gain money and experience for cutting down trees, harvesting food from custom trees, and planting tree saplings. (/j info Arborist)

mcMMO Skills

Unique Abilities

Tree Climb

Beginning at level 10, arborists can use tree climb by standing next to the trunk of a tree and right-clicking it with a lead.

Arborist Level Maximum Climb Height
10 16 blocks
20 32 blocks

Job Bags

Arborists are able to craft 3 sizes of their respective job bag, which holds wood and saplings. For an exact whitelist, level requirements, and recipes, visit Job Bags.

Advanced Jobs

Advanced Job Upgrade Description
Gardener x2 $ for breaking leaves, $ for planting flowers
Lumberjack +25% $ for chopping wood
Orchardist x2 $ for harvesting fruit trees
Tree Planter x2 $ for planting trees
Fire Starter x2 $ for burning trees and plants