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Advanced Jobs are enhanced versions of Jobs that give income bonuses and sometimes new ways to earn money/job experience while active. Advanced Job unlocks are earned through leveling the associated job, and once unlocked advanced jobs can be changed without any cooldown.

Unlocking Job Upgrades

Every 10 levels achieved with a job allows you to unlock a job upgrade for that job. This means you may unlock a new Advanced Job at levels 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50.

The procedure for unlocking Advanced Jobs is as follows:

  1. Start by typing /j unlock [job], this brings up the advanced job unlock selection screen.
  2. Hover the mouse over the icons to see the money and experience gains for certain actions.
  3. Click the upgrade you want and then click the nether star.

Note: Once you click Confirm Selections you may not re-pick an Advanced Job to unlock.

Selecting Job Upgrades

You can upgrade to and swap between unlocked Advanced Jobs at any time using the following procedure:

  1. Start by typing /j upgrade [job], this brings up the advanced job upgrade selection screen.
  2. Select the job upgrade you want by clicking on its icon.
  3. Click the nether star to confirm your selection.

Available Advanced Jobs

Information about a job's specific advanced jobs can be found by using the command /j browse [Job Name].

All available advanced jobs are also listed below.

Base Job Advanced Job Upgrade Description
Alchemist Apothecary +50% $ for brewing detrimental potions
Chemist x2 $ for extending and amplifying potions
Medic x2 $ for brewing health/regeneration/absorption potions
Scientist +25% for brewing beneficial potions
Arborist Gardener x2 $ for breaking leaves, $ for planting flowers
Lumberjack +25% $ for chopping wood
Orchardist x2 $ for harvesting fruit trees
Tree Planter x2 $ for planting trees
Fire Starter x2 $ for burning trees and plants
Artisan Book Binder x2 $ for crafting books and art
Craftsman +25% $ for crafting items
Fabricator +25% $ for crafting blocks
Tailor +50% $ for crafting/dyeing wool and leather armor
Woodworker +50% $ for crafting wooden blocks and items
Blacksmith Armorsmith +50% $ for crafting armor
Gem Worker $ for mining diamond and emerald
Materialist +25% $ for smelting/crafting iron and gold
Mechanic +50% $ for repairing items
Weaponsmith +50% $ for crafting swords and axes
Builder Bricklayer x2 $ for placing brick, $ for crafting brick
Carpenter x2 $ for building with wood, $ for wood crafting
Landscaper $ for foliage
Mason x2 $ for placing stone/stone brick/quartz
Painter x2 $ for painting/dyeing blocks
Chef Celebrity Chef x2 $ for foods that use unami
Gilded Chef +50% $ for gold foods, $ for smelting gold
Gourmet Chef +50% $ for cooking dinner foods
Pastry Chef x2 $ for making cookies/cakes/pies
Rotisseur x2 $ for cooking fish/meat/veggies/chicken
Demolitionist Arsonist +50% $ for burning blocks
Explosives Expert +50% $ for breaking blocks with TNT
Juggernaut +25% $ for breaking blocks
Sledge Swinger x2 $ for breaking stone based blocks
Enchanter Arcanist +25% $ for enchanting weapons and armor
Beguiler +50% $ for enchanting tools
Oracle +50% $ for enchanting weapons
Priest +50% $ for enchanting armor
Scholar x2 $ for writing books, $ for crafting books
Excavator Ditch Digger +25% $ for digging blocks
Earth Mover +50% $ for digging soil
Grave Digger x2 $ for breaking soul sand
Hauler +50% $ for digging sand and red sand
Quarry Digger +50% $ for digging gravel and clay, $ for stone
Explorer Mountaineer +50% $ for mountains, $ for placing ladders
Oceanographer +50% $ for oceans and rivers, $ for crafting boats
Pathfinder +50% $ for forests and jungles, $ for breaking leaves
Spelunker x2 $ for underground, $ for placing torches
Tourist +50% $ for exploring towns, $ for placing signs
Farmer Harvester +50% $ for harvesting crops
Miller x2 for harvesting wheat, $ for crafting bread
Potato Farmer x2 $ for farming potatoes, $ for baking/brewing with potatoes
Pumpkin Farmer x2 $ for farming pumpkins, $ for baking pumpkin pie
Vigneron +50% for planting/harvesting vine crops
Fisherman Angler +25% for catching fish
Deep Sea Fisher x2 $ for fishing in the ocean, x2 $ for catching pufferfish
Fish Monger x2 $ for cooking fish, $ for trading fish
Fly Fisher x2 $ for fishing in rivers and catching salmon
Ice Fisher x2 $ for fishing on ice, $ for breaking ice
Hunter Archer +50% $ for killing with bows and crafting bows
Beast Master x2 $ for killing with a pet
Ranger +50% $ for killing with bows, $ for crafting leather
Sniper x2 $ for killing with a headshot
Trapper +50% $ for killing animals and crafting leather/traps
Inventor Animator +50% $ for summoning snow and iron golems
Machinist +50% $ for crafting redstone related blocks and items
Rail Engineer +50% $ for placing/crafting rail related items
Roboticist +50% $ for placing/crafting pistons/dispensers/hoppers
Slime Expert x2 $ for placing/crafting sticky pistons
Merchant Bestseller +25% $ for trading paper and books
Food Vendor +50% $ for trading food items
Huckster x2 $ for trading worthless items
Jeweler +50% $ for trading gems
Miner Carbon Miner +25% $ for mining coal and diamond
Geologist +50% $ for mining quartz, $ for mining stone
Prospector +50% $ for mining gold, $ for smelting gold
Uranium Miner x2 $ for mining redstone and glowstone
Monster Hunter Dragon Slayer $ for killing the ender dragon
Exorcist x2 $ for zombies and skeletons, x3 $ for fire
Exterminator x2 $ for insects, x3 $ for fire
Paladin +50% $ for humanoid monsters
Revolutionary x4 $ for killing creepers, $ for crafting TNT
Rancher Breeder x2 $ for breeding animals
Butcher x2 $ for killing animals, $ for cooking meat
Cattle Rancher x2 $ for breeding/killing cows and crafting cow spawn eggs
Shepherd x3 $ for breeding/shearing sheep and crafting sheep spawn eggs
Taxidermist x3 $ for crafting spawn eggs
Soldier Brawler +50% $ for fighting unarmed
Centurion +50% $ for blunt weapons, $ for grafting gold armor
Musketeer +50% $ for fighting with bow, $ for fireworks
Samurai +50% $ for wielding swords, $ for crafting swords
Viking +50% $ for wielding an axe
Treasure Hunter Archaeologist x2 $ for looting bones and temples
Bandit +50% $ for looting dungeons and mineshafts
Diver x2 $ for looting treasure underwater
Pirate x2 $ for looting treasure and gunpowder
Tomb Raider x2 $ for looting treasure and temples