Boxes of Holding

Boxes of Holding allow you to store any item in a shulker box without needing to place it first. To open it, simply select the Box of Holding in your hand and right click. It is possible to store them anywhere, the only exception being that you can not place them inside another shulker box or themselves.

There are two ways to obtain a Box of Holding. Medium and large boxes are obtained through crafting, Extra large and huge boxes are obtained through voting rewards.


In order to craft a Medium or Large Box of Holding, you have to be the correct level in one of the following jobs: Artisan, Blacksmith or Enchanter. The level requirements are as follows:

Size Number of Slots Required Level
Medium 27 30 plus
Large 36 40 plus

The crafting recipes are as follows:

Size Items Required Recipe
Medium 2x Pristine Leather, 1x Chest, 2x Shulker Shell
Large 4x Pristine Leather, 1x Chest, 2x Shulker Shell

Voting Rewards

In order to obtain an extra large or huge Box of Holding, you have to purchase them from /rewards.

Size Number of Slots Reward Points
Extra Large 45 500
Huge 54 900
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