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 ~~NOTOC~~ ~~NOTOC~~
 ====== Chest Shops ====== ====== Chest Shops ======
 +Chest shops give players a safe way to sell their items and to buy from other players.
 +===== Creating Chest Shops =====
 +Creating a chest shop requires only a chest and a sign.
 +Place the chest where you want your shop to be, the sign on, above, or below the chest.
 +Put the following on the 4 lines of the sign:
 +  - Type your username or leave this line blank
 +  - The number of items being bought/sold at a time
 +  - The price for buying/​selling the item ("​B[Price]"​ to sell items, "​S[Price]"​ to buy items, or "​B[Price]:​S[Price]"​ for both)
 +  - The name or ID of the item you are buying/​selling (or '?'​ to detect the item automatically)
 +    * **Note:** Item names/IDs can be found by using the /iteminfo command while holding the item
 +    * If you typed **?**:
 +      * The chest shop will automatically detect the first item already in the chest
 +      * If there is no item in the chest, right click the sign with the item you want to buy/sell
 +{{https://​​wiki/​images/​thumb/​8/​85/​Chestshops.png/​600px-Chestshops.png?​400x318}} {{https://​​wiki/​images/​thumb/​a/​ad/​EasyID.png/​300px-EasyID.png?​200x105}}
 +===== Buying and Selling at Chest Shops =====
 +Buying and selling at chest shops takes a single click:
 +  * Right click the sign to buy. You should see a message like this one: {{https://​​wiki/​images/​7/​72/​BuyMsg.png}}
 +  * Left click the sign to sell. You should see a message like this one: {{https://​​wiki/​images/​0/​09/​SellMsg.png}}
 +  * If you don't have enough money to buy from the shop, you will see this message: {{https://​​wiki/​images/​f/​fe/​NoMoneys.png}}
 +  * **Note:** You can buy or sell a stack of items by holding shift while clicking on the sign.
 +===== Tips and Tricks =====
 +  * There are no server/​admin shops with unlimited items. The server economy is completely player-run.
 +  * If you're selling a custom or enchanted item with a unique ID, it's a good idea to post the item's name close to your chest shop.
 +  * Try to be mindful of current prices when creating a chest shop. Having good prices will help you sell your items. You can check average prices on the server'​s [[https://​​economy/​|economy page]].
 +  * Item frames are a good way to show people exactly what you're buying/​selling.
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