Town Balance Keeps Resetting Itself


Sep 28, 2019
The town of Potato has been dealing with this issue for the last several weeks, where the town balance goes from about 300k to 115k. Today was the third time this has happened. Seems to happen midday. I suspect server restarts, but I have not been able to catch it in the act. I've had PrincessXe and Richieh helping with the balance issues, but I'd really hope to not have to keep asking for help.

I will note that I think issues began after I withdrew and deposited just about the entire town balance several weeks ago. May be related, may not be, but it was the first time ./baltop. wasn't aligned with the current balance of the town.

At the behest of PrincessXe, the town of Potato has been running the command of /townbalancecheck [date] [time] [balance] to keep track of things in logs.
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