Restating some suggestions I fully support and would love to see in the game


Dec 1, 2019
I figured a consolidated list might be helpful to save admins time digging through the list, and to the users so that the risk of repeating suggestions would be mitigated

1) Add Elytra to the vehicles for explorer Xp
1a) perhaps grant xp each time a rocket is used to propel the elytra
1b) also when riptide is used to propel the elytra
2) Add Shield Trident and Crossbow enchants to Ensorcell for Enchanter
2a) Also update anvil repair/combining
3) Add Shushi to chef using kelp and different fish
3a) Give them effects based on the fish used
3aa) Cod water breathing (3 mins? I'm not sure for balance)
3bb) Dolphins grace for Salmon
3cc) Aqua Affinity for tropical fish
3dd) possibly a combo for pufferfish
4) Spear Fisher upgrade for fisherman, give a small buff to xp and money for killing fish with a trident
5) Beekeeper tasks should be added to different jobs @sally nightmare had some excellent suggestions