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Sep 9, 2019
Hey everyone.

For anyone who's been here for a while and knows who I am, you've probably noticed that I haven't been around too much recently. For the most part, this lies on my current situation in life. Recently I've been working 30-40 hour work weeks on top of 6 college courses per semester, leaving me with little time to contribute here.

Altogether I've worked a little over four years among various positions on the staff team, most notably as a guide lead on 'legacy' servers. Back then I had a good amount of time to put into the server, and I had worked pretty hard even prior to being a lead to get the wiki and FAQ's updated. Unfortunately much of this information has become obsolete, even within recent pages due to the discontinuation of Horizons. Over time it became a bit too much for me, and which a rather small staff team it was already almost impossible for me to put time to help Rich with anything.

Why I'm writing all of this is pretty much to say goodbye for good. I spent a good 7 years on and off on this network of servers, but a lot has changed, and I can't seem to find a good passion in working within such a now small community.

If anyone wants, feel free to shoot me a friend request on Discord. I'm always down for new friends or people to play other games with.
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Dec 11, 2020
Have fun out there stranger, thanks for all the FAQ's in the past, god knows we all enjoy(ed) your work!