Resolved Need to get rid of dead town


New member
Nov 8, 2019
In-game name and (if applicable)previous name: Senpai_Mason

Approximate date/time event occurred: January 5th (first attempt to claim new plots)

Server: Horizon

(If applicable)Town name: New Virgins² (not sure if its named yet)

Detailed explanation on the problem: I'm trying to reclaim plots for an old town, but some of the crucial plots I need to reclaim are in the radius of another town. The other town in question is only 1 plot, and the plots I need to claim are close enough to the plot that I can't claim them. The user who owns the town has been inactive since March 19th 2020, and is not on the discord. I don't know why the town hasn't been deactivated yet, so I'd like to somehow sort out a relocation or just have it deleted.