Info Ban Appeal Information - Read Before Posting

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Sep 27, 2019
When writing a ban appeal, the following is required:

  • Include all previous names you've used on your account.
  • Include all alternate account names you've used that are banned or not.
  • Date of your ban (to the best of your knowledge).
  • Reason you were banned.
  • Explanation as to why you deserve to be unbanned.
Please keep in mind the following:
  • When viewing your appeal, the Staff that issued the ban has 24 hours to reply. If said Staff does not fulfill this action or has since resigned, another Staff or Lead Staff will reply with the verdict.
  • If accepted once and you are banned again, policy states that to be accepted and unbanned a second time, you MUST wait six months to one year.
  • If posting multiple appeals, there is a high possibility that your forum account will also be banned. Be patient and wait it out.
  • We normally value player input, but ban appeals are not the place for players to comment. This forum is a chance for banned players to present their side of the story. We want to avoid threads devolving into bickering between players.
    If you feel very strongly about a particular appeal, please PM a Lead Staff. We can't promise you'll always be happy with the decision.
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