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Oct 1, 2019
The Atlantis Zoo and Aqaurium is open and waiting for you! This was one of the many projects we have planned for the City of Atlantis. We have travelled miles of blocks to find the animals for all of you to be able to enjoy in a friendly contained environment that the animals can enjoy as well! The idea behind the zoo was to make it something where we could honor past and present players that have made Omniverse what it is today in a fun way as well as honor current and past Creators of this amazing server. Below is just some general info on what you can expect during your visit to the Atlantis Zoo!

Creators of the Zoo:
Architect: asr2323
Creator & Engineer: Zemoj
Builder & Zoo Keeper: SniffMySpelt
Researcher: iRice

Make sure to check out the train ride that Zemoj built, its a great way to see the zoo from above and also a lot of fun!

Animals at the Zoo!

Peter the Party Panda: Named after PandaPete from OMM
Desiigner: Named after the rapper of the song 'Panda'
Po: Named after the Panda from 'Kung Fu Panda'
Zemoj: I should'nt need to put a description for this one

Red Foxes:
Swiper: Named after the Fox from "Dora"
Robin Hood: Named after the Disney Character
Fire Fox: Named after the Internet Browser

Arctic Foxes:
Xor: The Code Wizard himself, Former Dev & Creator and part of the foundation of the current server that we have today

Snow White: Named after the Disney Character
Pancake: Named after current player PancakeAcoustics

Polar Bears:
Glacier: Just wanted to name one Glacier
Sly: Named after former Veteran Player SlyFoxSlayer one of my good friends
12_Zombies: Current Creator and a good friend of mine from the old OMM days
octagami & lindsu: It's only right if I put these two in the same line right? The man and woman behind what we can now call today Omniverse Horizons, what they did for this place is incredible and the foundation they left in place along with Xor for the current leadership is just incredible on its own, couldn't not include these two Server Icons.

(I don't know the reasons behind all these names, you will have to ask Sniff)
Jacob Black
Big Bad Wolf
Remus Lupin

Fish & Turtles:
Clown Fish: Nemo, Marlin, Coral
Turtles: 0range, Crush
Puffer Fish: Bloat

All of us in Atlantis really hope you all enjoy the zoo that we have built, below I am linking some pictures of the exhibit previews if you are interested!

Click Here: Zoo Exhibit Preview
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