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Oct 1, 2019
Finally after 2-3 weeks of hard work and a ton of money put into it, the Atlantis resort is finally ready to open. This is something we are very excited about and hope you all are as well. The goal of this resort was to make the city of Atlantis a place for players to hang out and enjoy rather than just our town. We kept that mindset while building it which also had led to a couple exciting features we are going to announce in this post on how you can make the most of this Resort.

What can I do at the Atlantis Resort?
There are tons of things available to everyone to enjoy, below I have put a list of the things you can enjoy while in the resort.

  • Basketball Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Volleyball
  • Relaxing on the Beach
  • Fishing
  • Water Sports
  • Coral Reef Tours
  • Restaurants and Food
  • Water Trampolines and other Rec Activities
  • Touring the Docks of Atlantis
  • Gardens and Palm Trees
Residential Living and Embassy Homes:
Are you looking for a getaway home to spend some time away from your regular town? Are you looking for a place to host parties and relax while having a good time? Are you looking for a simple beach front home that you can enjoy while also being in a different town? You have come to the right place then because we have built a special resort area with embassy homes of all sizes that are for sale! We have two Tiers of Embassy Homes you can buy! Tier 1 is a Basic Beach Front Embassy Home that has a shared common area with a pool and hot tub, Tier 2 is a Mansion home which will have limited Availability. We wanted to make two different tiers for those that are looking for a certain price whether they want the luxury style at a more expensive rate or the more basic lifestyle at a cheaper price. Below I have listed all the info about the Embassy Tiers that you need to know along with some Benefits. All Residents will receive a Book of rules upon joining. If you are wanting a tour in game of the embassy homes message either asr2323, irice or pancakeacoustics or Zemoj in game for a tour and some more info about what you can expect with your purchase.

Tier 1: Basic Beach Front Embassy
Price: 10k
Amenities: Common Area including a Pool and Hot Tub along with a ocean side patio with chairs and tables.
Info: 3 Story Embassy with roof access, 16x32 interior roughly

Tier 2: Embassy Beach Front Mansions
Price: 35k
Amenities: Private Pool & Patio, Hot Tub, Fish Tank inside, Private Theater, 3 Story High Mansion with 3 Balconies and a basement, Private Beach Access with 2 Jet Skis, private docking area, private water trampoline customized whatever color you like, Private Boat, Camp Fire, Grill, Common Area Patio with Neighbor, Diving Board

Future Additions and Plans:

  • Atlantis Waterpark
  • Yacht Club

If you have any questions related to the construction of the resort or any possible ideas you may have for the future of the resort along with any issues you may have please message asr2323 or Zemoj in game directly or by mail!

The in game warp is ./t warp Atlantis resort

Builders of the Resort:

Click here for images: Resort to Pictures
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