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    Hi, I'm octagami, a creator, admin and developer for OMM.

    This summer I decided to start coding a ground up rewrite of the Towny plugin.

    Towny is the backbone of our survival PvE experience. The unfortunate reality is that the original Towny plugin halted active development back in 2012. It's part of the reason why Towny servers are now few and far between.

    I have long been maintaining a fork of Towny for OMM. I've made plenty of changes, but none have been major. The sheer size and complexity of the Towny code base discouraged attempts to add any major new features.

    In the process of trying to improve our experience for new players this summer, I was forced to face the fact that Towny was the weakest link in our PvE offering. I made the decision to take on a project I knew would be a monumental effort: Writing our own version of Towny from the ground up. To do this, I needed to reach feature parity, while maintaining backwards compatibility with the old Towny, so that the transition would be nearly seamless.

    Two months and a few hundred hours of coding later, I now have a new Towny plugin for OMM that's roughly beta quality. The next task is to make sure it's fully tested so that we catch any bugs before it goes live to all servers. The best way to do that is a public beta.

    Sometime this weekend Monday we'll be opening a public beta server. We'd like you all to try out the new features, report any bugs, and give your feedback. If you want to have fun while doing it, I suppose that's OK too. We're now live!

    This rewrite will enable us refine add features to Towny based on community feedback and suggestions. In order to prove that point, I added (and improved) a long requested feature. Town and Nation wars.

    Although the effort for the rewrite was extensive, much of the time went into rebuilding features we already had. Despite that, I did put time into some additional features, to help make the rewrite "feel" new.

    New features

    • Interactive map UI with plot claiming /imap or /map ui
    • UI for browsing nations, towns, and residents /nation list, /town list, /resident list
    • Nations are now global (cross server)
    • % tax of residents job income directly to town bank /t set taxes [%]
    War features
    • War UI for declaring, joining, surrendering /town war, /nation war
    • Town vs Town and Nation vs Nation wars
    • Peaceful/Neutral/Aggressive status for towns/nations /t set diplomacy [value]
    • Declare a war, allies can choose to join your side (or not)
    • Enemies can declare join your war on the opposing side
    Planned features (not in beta)
    • War kill/death tracking
    • War win conditions
    • War spoils (opt in)
    • Town blacklists (bar players from entering your town)
    • Additional UI menus for town/nation management
    • Town shop registry
    Interactive Map
    map_ui.png map_ui_2.png

    Town List UI
    town_list.png town_ui.png

    War Management UI
    war_list.png war_ui.png
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by octagami, Aug 12, 2016.

    1. KidstarGenetics
    2. Skaibae
      I'm curious as to how Wastelands would work in this. What nation chat would we see then? Also, can players in a warring town choose to not engage in PvP, and not be attacked by other players?
    3. EnderTeddy
      If it is not already so that individual players can choose to join in or not, I think this needs to be added. Though for your first question I think that the Nation chat would be seen for the nation you are in. Since Nations would then be global. I think it'd clash a bit if you are in multiple nations, however. Not sure what nation chat it would show in that case. @octagami can probably tell you that.
    4. Skaibae
      Oops, I meant to say town chat instead of nation chat. I was tired. :)
    5. EnderTeddy
      I don't think towns are global, there was no mention of that, and I doubt it would be possible to do it at this point... At least not yet, anyway... (Some people, me included, have two towns, one legacy and one other town on another server. We have 2 towns because we had one on Sol and one on Vega/Altair/Polaris or Sirius before the merge.
    6. octagami
      Correct, town chat will not be global, only nation chat.

      Remember, you can be on one town per server. Thus global town chat would be ambiguous.
    7. The_Death_Beast
      @octagami Could we have some clarification on what the victory conditions may be in order to form strategy for an upcoming war?

      Might I suggest if it were kill count that it had some basis on national population (to simulate larger nations having more manpower) or perhaps level of militarism (Prussia).

      If it is going to be capturing control points, I have no suggestions.

      If it is something else, I will be surprised.
    8. QUOFFEE
      Alright, so far I like it!! I just have one issue... The wilderness in my opinion should be PvP-enabled and grief-able in the War world. This is because, as a war world, the environment should feel more hostile and risky. It also encourages people to join towns instead of living in the wild, thus building up a town's manpower for a war.

      When I started Minecraft, I found a server that did not have Towny Wars, but it did have griefing and PvP allowed in the wild. This made me promptly join a town instead of staying in the wild, though I could have hid my base easily. My point is, I miss that feeling of danger and excitement in going solo. If there is no PvP and no griefing, there is no need to be clever. There's no feeling of risk. I don't know about you all, but I like that feeling of risk. It makes everything more exciting. If someone does not wish to be part of a risky environment, then they can join one of the regular Towny worlds. :) This way no one is "forced" into doing something they don't want to.

      I hope this feedback helps. c:
    9. Katrina_Linden
      You need to join a town in order to build - building in the wilderness is completely impossible. Also griefing is not a good look, and no one likes it.
    10. Blackhawks72
      All the people who want to build a town will have to deal with the crappy griefed land tho.
    11. QUOFFEE
      - Building in the wilderness could be enabled for the war world.
      - I have a feeling that the main world will still remain the Towny servers without wars, so like I said, the war world is optional. This also makes getting griefed optional, since you don't HAVE to join the war world. In addition, it makes towns more attractive to people currently wandering in the wild, thus making the wars larger-scaled. I think that'd be more fun than a 4-man war.

      As someone who's made towns on multiple servers, I can honestly say that griefed land is better to deal with than clearing out a mountain. xD
    12. Blackhawks72
      Octagami's intentions are to implement this war feature into all of the Towny servers. What you're suggesting is essentially another factions. People don't join Towny to get griefed and grief, that's why we have factions. the current server for this is beta, when it's finished, all of the servers will have this feature. in addition to that, they already have a wasteland which allows you to grief all you want and gather resources there. There's no need to ruin everyone's Towny experience.
    13. WireWizard
      I'd like to add to @Blackhawks72 reply as well. First let me say that you have created a suggestion in the wrong section but no harm done it can be moved to the appropriate section.

      OMM is heavily focused on PvE game play and it has always been since the server's release. The new Towny Wars feature is going to be an addition to the PvE settlement worlds which will give players the option to partake in PvP town/nation war combat. Towny Wars is a secondary feature which means it will never influence or take over how OMM functions from its core. The beta server is strictly for testing and it will be retired when the beta is over. There is a chance that the world will remain or there may be a fresh settlement world released but as of yet that is TBD. Towny Wars is setup so PvE players wont have to partake in the PvP system unless they choose to do so and it is vital that it remains optional or it will disrupt the balance between the PvE and PvE/PvP participants and can create loss of player activity if PvE players normalcy or play style is forcefully altered. I am only speaking on my own opinions but I believe that this is how it is meant to be. I hope that this can give you some clarification to the matter.
    14. octagami
      I apologize for the delay in rolling out this feature. As many of you now know, we were spending a lot of hours behind the scenes debating and planning Omniverse.

      I'm finishing up some careful migration testing, and making a few remaining code changes.

      I'm hoping to go live to OMM servers (Sol/Pol/Sir/Alt/Vega) tonight or tomorrow.

      @Perm - Staff
    15. octagami
      I'd make a new post but I don't want to bump down the Omniverse announcement.

      As of Sunday, Towny - Dawn of War is now live on all OMM PvE servers!

      I think I speak for everyone when I say, yaaaaay.

      I updated the original topic with some of the new commands, but it's not comprehensive. Hopefully we'll do a more detailed write up soon.

      @Anixus @DarkAngelsCurse
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    16. DarkAngelsCurse
      We are already in process on this. Shouldn't take us too much longer to get it finished up and posted.
    17. octagami
    18. Pbnj
      Idk if it'll pop up a notification for you but I corrected a small error "Were now llive" was changed appropriately. Sorry it was bugging me xD if for some reason you meant to do that go ahead and change it but I thought I would help out a bit xD
    19. octagami
      Thanks, guess I was too excited.
    20. Pbnj
      Happens to the best of us xD i got you back octa :)