PSA Towny - Dawn of War - NOW LIVE!

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By octagami on Aug 12, 2016 at 1:20 PM
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    Hi, I'm octagami, a creator, admin and developer for OMM.

    This summer I decided to start coding a ground up rewrite of the Towny plugin.

    Towny is the backbone of our survival PvE experience. The unfortunate reality is that the original Towny plugin halted active development back in 2012. It's part of the reason why Towny servers are now few and far between.

    I have long been maintaining a fork of Towny for OMM. I've made plenty of changes, but none have been major. The sheer size and complexity of the Towny code base discouraged attempts to add any major new features.

    In the process of trying to improve our experience for new players this summer, I was forced to face the fact that Towny was the weakest link in our PvE offering. I made the decision to take on a project I knew would be a monumental effort: Writing our own version of Towny from the ground up. To do this, I needed to reach feature parity, while maintaining backwards compatibility with the old Towny, so that the transition would be nearly seamless.

    Two months and a few hundred hours of coding later, I now have a new Towny plugin for OMM that's roughly beta quality. The next task is to make sure it's fully tested so that we catch any bugs before it goes live to all servers. The best way to do that is a public beta.

    Sometime this weekend Monday we'll be opening a public beta server. We'd like you all to try out the new features, report any bugs, and give your feedback. If you want to have fun while doing it, I suppose that's OK too. We're now live!

    This rewrite will enable us refine add features to Towny based on community feedback and suggestions. In order to prove that point, I added (and improved) a long requested feature. Town and Nation wars.

    Although the effort for the rewrite was extensive, much of the time went into rebuilding features we already had. Despite that, I did put time into some additional features, to help make the rewrite "feel" new.

    New features

    • Interactive map UI with plot claiming /imap or /map ui
    • UI for browsing nations, towns, and residents /nation list, /town list, /resident list
    • Nations are now global (cross server)
    • % tax of residents job income directly to town bank /t set taxes [%]
    War features
    • War UI for declaring, joining, surrendering /town war, /nation war
    • Town vs Town and Nation vs Nation wars
    • Peaceful/Neutral/Aggressive status for towns/nations /t set diplomacy [value]
    • Declare a war, allies can choose to join your side (or not)
    • Enemies can declare join your war on the opposing side
    Planned features (not in beta)
    • War kill/death tracking
    • War win conditions
    • War spoils (opt in)
    • Town blacklists (bar players from entering your town)
    • Additional UI menus for town/nation management
    • Town shop registry
    Interactive Map
    map_ui.png map_ui_2.png

    Town List UI
    town_list.png town_ui.png

    War Management UI
    war_list.png war_ui.png
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by octagami, Aug 12, 2016.

    1. TheeNinja
      Really great addition :) I'll try to participate in the beta.

      Would the spoils come from the other nation (nation X loses $Z, nation Y gains $Z) or no?
    2. Karmaah
    3. EnderTeddy
      Yes! I will definitely try be there for the beta! :D Seems like a lot of effort went into this, same with the rest of the server, so I hope it turns out just as awesome!
    4. Xor
      Now with the shiny new `com.octagami.towny` package name and a type hierarchy that octa will not shut up about!

    5. ☣EndSlayer610☣
    6. deathskill99
      Thank you as a veteran player this means a lot to me
    7. octagami
      The announcement is a bit vague on how wars will work, so let me pre-empt questions.

      First off, wars are completely opt in. No one on PvE servers will be forced to PvP under any circumstance.

      Here is (roughly) how a war will work
      • The mayor of a town uses /t war to open the war menu
      • The menu will have a list of wars the town is actively involved in
      • The menu is empty to start, the mayor clicks the icon for "Declare War"
      • A new menu opens listing the towns enemies (added previously with /t enemy), or he clicks an icon to list all towns
      • The mayor selects a town to declare war on
      • If the targeted town is set to the default, Neutral, the mayor is prompted to accept or decline the war
      • If the targeted town is set to Aggressive, the war is automatically accepted
      • If the targeted town is set to Peaceful, the war is automatically declined
      • Once the town accepts, the war is started
      • You can see the participants of any active war in the /t war menu
      • There are two sides to a war, labeled "Aggressors" and "Defenders"
      • The town that declared the war is on the Aggressor side, the other town is on the Defender side
      • Currently the sides are mechanically the same, they are just a way to know who are your allies and who your enemies
      • When you declare a war, your allies (added previously with /t ally) are prompted to join the war on your side (they can decline)
      • The targeted town's allies are also prompted to join the war on the defender side
      • From there, wars are open to ALL towns. Any town may join the war, on either side (this may change)
      • Being at war simply means you can damage your enemies, and they can damage you
      • War has no effect on town protections, there is no plot stealing
      Nation wars work identically. Just replace mayor with king.

      You can PvP against anyone that is a member of any town or nation you are at war with.

      That may seem complicated, but it's actually pretty easy to use the menus.

      All of this is subject to revision of course, we're open to feedback. Do wait before you try it first before you tear it apart.
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    8. Blackhawks72
    9. UnboundOblivion
      Well, since nations are global I can assume that nation wars will be global too, but will town wars be global?
      Will Legacy towns be affected by this in any negative way?
    10. octagami
      Nation wars will be global. Town wars will not.

      Legacy towns won't be affected.
    11. Glosso
      How will one access the Beta? Is there a Beta server? Or will we just play on our normal servers?
    12. Anixus
    13. Atlamillian
      Sounds cool, I'll try to see if I have time to log in to check it out.

      Curious though. What changed your mind on adding this? The answer to people that requested nation wars was always "We aren't adding them so stop asking."
    14. octagami
      It was partly because of the persistence of some of the people requesting it.

      The larger reason is that we came to realization that we don't have the resources to maintain a PvP server with an entirely different plugin stack (Factions). Running Towny with additional PvP features lets us retain the benefits of the years of work we've put into our PvE plugin stack.

      We can discuss later what this means for the Factions server. It's not necessarily going away, but it does mean that at best any investment into it will be minimal. We want to focus our limited developer resources on our core offerings (PvE, Trident and to a lesser degree, Genesis).
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    15. kp_armageddon
      Thank god lol
    16. kp_armageddon
      Also, since this is beta and not alpha, does that mean anything that happens in the beta server will be eventually reset, or will it continue as is with continued updates every now and then, at some point, have its own name (like Polaris or Sol)? If not, then what will happen to all the towns and nations created and will there be any bonuses or something for the reset (sorry if it sounds like I want compensation if the server does get reset, but from my point of view I like to play a game knowing everything will be safe or that I at least have an escape route from my sadness if everything gets erased lol. (If you play idle games, you probably know what I'm talking about when you reset your game to achieve a bonus of some kind). Example: *starts building a kingdom one day. Finishes kingdom much much later. Server resets within the next week*)
      And when we do go to that server will it be like going to factions where your items from that server are separate to the ones on Polaris, Sirius, sol, etc? If so, then you said that we may create a town, but does that include if we already own a town on the other main servers?
      Last edited: Aug 12, 2016
    17. The_Death_Beast
      I own Poland on Sol and Lithuania on Altair.

      What will happen to them?
    18. Djwg
      so this message will mean people will be getting bunkers now
    19. 12_zombies
      Awesome. Will the beta server just be a copy of the main server or will everyone be starting fresh?