PSA The Lucky 8 Grand Opening!

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    Octagami's Mayhem Multiverse Presents:

    The Lucky 8 Casino!

    Extra cash burning a hole in your pocket? Got some time to kill?

    Get yourself down to the Casino to make your fortune!

    Featuring a Progressive Jackpot!

    Any time you bet in the Casino, a portion of that goes into the Pot. It gets bigger and bigger until finally...


    ...It's announced server-wide and the winner gets a Minecart-load of cold hard (in-game) cash!

    Hang with your friends and relax... at any time playing casino games, YOU could be the next winner.

    Voting Point Prize Slots!

    Are you one of those awesome people who votes for the server?

    You can use some of those voting points here for unique prizes!


    MC Figure 8 is dropping the bass.

    What does this mean? Log in and see.

    Don't be the one who misses all the fun!

    We hope to see you there!

    OMM_Minecraft_Casino_Dance.jpg OMM_minecraft_casino_slots.jpg OMM_Minecraft_Casino_Foyer.jpg
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by ThisIsSinclair, Oct 24, 2015.