PvE - Sol New and active Shop ! And public Spawner.

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    "Don´t by shy, come and buy!" , "Your Stuff is broken ? My shop is always open !"

    In fact of empty Town shop´s and /shop beeing empty all time, i made a new shop in my city.
    And i have build a new "Guardians Spawner" !
    You can find it at :
    /sol + /warp ServicePoint

    At the moment there are 4 single shops.
    1 - Shop = Drops , Blocks , color Blocks , Mineral´s and Pure/Pristine Items.
    2 - The Barn = Crops , Fish , Meat , Salt , Eggs and Milk. (Including some Custom crops.)
    3 - Food = Food , Custom Food and Potions
    4 - Weapon Tools Armor = UNIQUE Mix&Match System !
    Buy a Tool,Armor or Weapon with all basic Enchants. Then choose the optional Enchant u want to have as enchanted Book and apply it
    at an Anvil.
    (For example Bow. It will come with Power 5,Punch 2,Flame and Unbreaking 3
    Now u can choose between Array 2 or Infinity + Plunder or Wisdom !)

    This Shop is also buying and selling 1k + 5k XP Buckets.
    Enchantment Table is right next to Chestshops and all Anvil´s are public.

    A lot of Items are buy and sell ! So u can bring your stuff to keep the shop running.
    The prices are always as low as possible !
    All Spawner are public ! And u will find the warp signs at the Town Spawn. (Guardians will take about 15% tax.)
    If something is missing ... or u want to get a better price , just /mail Freizeitsoldat.
    I will try to build more, to bring all possible items to one spot. But at the moment i have to make it all alone.
    Too much work for one person ;)


    (Excuse my bad english ! I´m from Germany ;) )
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