Added Nether Portals and Pigman Farms

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    [Short description] Bring back the possibility to light nether portals within 2 plots of each other.

    [Long description] Same as short.

    [How is this change beneficial?] The ability to create pigman farms has been an important part of OMM for quite the long time. Reverting this change back to it's previous condition would allow for the easy gain of vanilla experience for players, and experience for the few jobs that have not been changed to work only in the wastelands. Furthermore, it's important to keep the server fair for every player, and while veterans seem to be happy enough to share their grinders, if this was not the case, veterans would have an extreme advantage over others. Finally, one of the biggest perks of minecraft is to be able to let your imagination run free, to build anything you want. This includes pigman farms, which take a large amount of materials of time in the short term, but rewards in the long term. Servers should assist players in making these dreams come to life, not to hinder them.

    In short
    • Allows for players to gain experience and money steadily.
    • Unfair for newer players.
    • Allows for the freebuild minecraft is meant to have.

    [What are some downsides to this change?] The downside would be the things veteran players already have over normal players. Pigman grinders allow for the easy collection of vanilla experience and a high amount of cash and experience from jobs, (although this will be changing with the correction of job locations). Allowing nether portals to be built close to each other could also lead to possible player trapping.

    In short
    • Allows for players to gain experience and money with little work.
    • Possible player trapping?

    Thank you
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    done as of an hour ago.
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    Has this changed again? I built a pigman farm but only was able to create half as many portals as some previously built farms I see due to the server not letting me light portals near each other, so my spawn rate is only half what theirs are...
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