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    Rewards are similar to that of June's voting contest.
    This time around alts will not receive specific tier items, but will obtain the VP that comes with the tier.

    How to reach each tier
    Top 3
    – have voted at least 180 times (20 days on each site)
    Top 5 – have voted at least 144 times (16 days on each site)
    Top 10 – have voted at least 108 times (12 days on each site)
    Top 15 – have voted at least 81 times (9 days on each site)

    Rewards for each tier
    Top 3 – 150 VP + a Huge Bag of Holding
    Top 5 – 100 VP + a mask of your choice
    Top 10 – 75 VP
    Top 15 – 50 VP

    To receive double VP:
    Voting Points will be double when the amount of votes for the month reaches 2,600.
    If this amount is not reached the rewards will remain the same as stated above.

    Rewards for June will be handed out in about a week.
    Rewards for July will be handed out at the beginning of next month.​
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    Thank you to everyone who helped support the server in July.

    Those eligible for a mask will be messaged within the next few hours. All other rewards will be handed out today.

    If any one has any questions regarding their eligibility for July's contest, feel free to message me here on the forums, in-game or through discord.