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    I understand that the monthly voting competition gives points for voting on different sites. Do you still get points towards the competition for voting on Tier 2 or Tier "other" sites? Today I voted for just under all of them from every tier and only got 4 or 5 competition points, even after waiting for them to load.

    Also, I believe that the last tier 2 site ( has shut down and woulf encourage you to review this and perhaps remove it from the list.
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    Hey there CleverFish
    Only tier 1 & 2 sites will give you votes and voting points in-game. If for some reason a site isn't working properly and fails to give you the votes and points, there's nothing we can do about that.


    All this means is that you're required to have X amount of votes, not voting points that are given in-game, from our first two tiers; this is shown on our voting page:
    The votes registered on our page:
    The tiers which contribute to this (Ignore the points given, they're for voting points in-game and do not impact on the contest):

    We're aware it has closed all will sort it at a later date. We've already reworked our requirements around this. Thank you though.