PvE - Vega CheeseCity is Looking for Citizens

Discussion in 'Town & Nation Discussion' started by DragonBlood, Nov 23, 2018.

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    Hello everyone!

    CheeseCity is a town that I, and my friends, had worked on for an extensive amount of time before taking a break from the server. I just recently became active again and have started to work on the finer details to complete the city and its features.

    The city has I think around 200 plots open for citizens, and only two are occupied. I am asking for help to make my city feel a bit more alive. Each plot is 14x14 due to borders in place. If you wish to have a plot in my town or just want to provide a building design of the dimensions 14x14 to me (located somewhere on the server so I can copy it). Send me a message on here or in-game!

    If nothing else, you can just check out what I do have in it at /warp CheeseCity on Vega!

    Thank you,
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    That is an amazing town. Very well laid out and super consistent in design. Its absolutely beautiful, DragonBlood.

    It was a privilege to take a tour of your town. Thank you for posting the warp to your town.
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