Alpha 14 Info and Keypoints

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    Roland and Malthis (community moderators) kindly put a list together of things that will be coming out in A14. I thought it would be nice to let everyone here also know what is going on too. I've reorganized the items on their list into groups to make it easier to read.

    Hey Everybody!

    We wanted to compile all the related information pertaining to the upcoming release of Alpha 14 in a nice little area so that those people who were unhappy with the amount of discussion in previous developer diaries don't have to sort through all the posts to find key information. Feel free to check back here regularly for any information regarding Alpha 14, which I will update as time goes on. Know that they haven't abandoned fixes for Alpha 13, and that Alpha 14 will still primarily be about optimization and performance. This thread will be strictly closed for development and moderation use as well, so any comments or discussions pertaining to this information may be done so in the general discussions or developer diary for Alpha 14.

    There is no current date planned for the release of Alpha 14

    Things included in Alpha 14 currently:

    New Hide Poncho
    Full Kevlar and Army Fatigues
    Letters are being added to allow players to create signage
    Many new improved world textures and block shapes
    An introductory basics of survival quest
    Repeatable quest note challenges, a radiant buried treasure quest system for infinite digging for treasure fun.
    New damage and death system where zombies feed on your corpse
    A major rebalancing of block damage, leveling and XP, some good optimizations, random gen improvements, and so many bug fixes.
    Many new perks and improvements to our skills system.
    Load of New Perks! (Books haven't been removed yet, Unlock things like steel smithing, ammo crafting, and cement mixing with various perks)
    Over 4 pages of perks, most with 3-5 ranks.
    Hundreds of new recipes

    Fixed Fog Sun Banding - The sun is nice and smooth now with intense fog.
    Unified Sunset (Day and Night Clearly Evident)
    Animation Driven Sound Effects (Footstep Perfectly In Sync and Body Thud Effects When Hitting Ground)
    Hundreds of Community Assisted XML fixes (Thanks for the help Gazz!)
    Tree Optimization- less overlap from smaller trees leaves.
    Major Optimizations
    New Death Animation and Spawning
    New spawn effect
    Sleepers and Breadcrumbs are not coming to Alpha 14. They have been pushed back until after optimization and bug fixes have stabilized the game.

    A larger Navezgane will be coming for Alpha 14 with improved terrain smoothing and additional POI's.
    Navezgane Terrain Smoothing
    Navezgane will have deeper lakes and rivers.
    Navezgane has gotten a lot bigger and better with a brand new improved height map with higher mountains and deep water.
    Navezgane has a new smoothing algorithm that makes the land and water much more natural.
    Navezgane has a multitude of new locations including the largest city in the expanded plains, and a bandit like shanty town and a huge lake with islands just to name a few.
    Perishton is the newest and largest city created yet and is coming to Navezgane.
    4 additional square kilometers being added to Navezgane
    New textures and models will be added
    Banks, diners, cell towers, cemeteries, car lots, and a wasteland shanty town

    Expect it to drop in February.

    With the improvements coming to Navezgame, would people be interested in playing on that map instead of using the Random Gen one? I for one don't think I've ever played on Navezgane, except on my first day when I had just bought it to get a feeling for the controls. Might be fun to try it out for a change.
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    Sounds good. I just hope they turn it around more quickly than 3 months.