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In April 2012 we opened a server called Monuments & Mayhem. The towns built on that server, now called Sol, still exist today. Our long term operation, without world wipes, is a rarity among public servers. It's a major part of our unique appeal.

Our dedication to protecting player progress, along with an emphasis on quality staffing, have resulted in a large tight knit player community. Countless friendships have been formed, many which have continued offline. Major conflicts are few and far between here, while sadly common in many online communities.

In August 2014 we launched OMM, our expansion from one server into many. Initially our two new PvE servers were isolated from Sol, but a later migration unified the servers. This meant that cash, items, and player stats have effectively been maintained all the way back to 2012.

Despite the benefits, our policy of avoiding world wipes has a major flaw. On a survival multiplayer server, cash and items accumulate at a much faster rate than they are consumed. Public servers typically utilize periodic world wipes as a crude solution. We lack this crucial tool, and have suffered as a result.

The symptoms of our problem are varied, and they have not gone unnoticed. This problem is the root cause of many complaints about our gameplay. The common themes of these complaints are that survival is too easy, and that the market for buying and selling items is stagnant.

Beyond the complaints, the worst aspect of our inflated economy is it's impact on player retention. With items in abundance, new players find the game too easy. Veteran players log on and realize that a stagnant market means there are fewer ways to spend their time.

The lower retention has meant that, despite a strong emphasis on recruiting new players, our overall player population has declined. The situation has reached crisis levels, which has not gone unnoticed by players and staff.

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Hi, I'm octagami, a creator, admin and developer for OMM.

This summer I decided to start coding a ground up rewrite of the Towny plugin.

Towny is the backbone of our survival PvE experience. The unfortunate reality is that the original Towny plugin halted active development back in 2012. It's part of the reason why Towny servers are now few and far between.

I have long been maintaining a fork of Towny for OMM. I've made plenty of changes, but none have been major. The sheer size and complexity of the Towny code base discouraged attempts to add any major new features.

In the process of trying to improve our experience for new players this summer, I was forced to face the fact that Towny was the weakest link in our PvE offering. I made the decision to take on a project I knew would be a monumental effort: Writing our own version of Towny from the ground up. To do this, I needed to reach feature parity, while maintaining backwards compatibility with the old Towny, so that the transition would be nearly seamless.

Two months and a few hundred hours of coding later, I now have a new Towny plugin for OMM that's roughly beta quality. The next task is to make sure it's fully tested so that we catch any bugs before it goes live to all servers. The best way to do that is a public beta.

Sometime this weekend Monday we'll be opening a public beta server. We'd like you all to try out the new features, report any bugs, and give your feedback. If you want to have fun while doing it, I suppose that's OK too. We're now live!

This rewrite will enable us refine add features to Towny based on community feedback and suggestions. In order to prove that point, I added (and improved) a long requested feature. Town and Nation wars.

Although the effort for the rewrite was extensive, much of the time went into rebuilding features we...